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# $Id$

This directory contains the scripts used to build RPMS for GNAT/RTEMS.

The scripts are close but do not work completely right yet.  I have
commented out the info related items in to get the
RPMS to build.

The binutils directory should be ignored for now.  In order to
build the toolset at all, I had to merge building binutils
into the build of gcc, gnat, and newlib.  gdb is still built separately.
When gnat is based off a more recent gcc version, we can go
to the more proper method of building binutils first and

There is the more general issue that the gcc 2.8.1 RTEMS targets
were not always the same object format that the gcc 2.95.x ones
are.  Thus some BSPs (m68k and i386 in particular) are now ELF
based and assume crti.o/crtn.o is installed.  The gcc 2.8.1
configurations were not ELF and thus it is likely that programs
will not link on certain configurations.

Another more general issue is that GNAT gdb support is at 
4.17 while remote debugging of RTEMS applications via
TCP/IP is in 4.18.