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2001-08-09	Joel Sherrill <>

	* src/msgqsubmit.c: Unblocking message queue operations should
	NOT use _Thread_Executing for return status since it is permissible
	to invoke message send operations from an ISR.  This was reported
	by Suvrat Gupta <>.

2001-03-26	Zoltan Kocsi <>

	* src/eventsurrender.c: Clear event condition when task is unblocked.
	This makes sure that subsequent event send thinks the task is still
	blocked and overwrites the initial events received.

2001-02-03	Ralf Corsepius <>

	* include/, include/rtems/rtems/,
	inline/rtems/rtems/, macros/rtems/rtems/, 
	Apply include_*HEADERS instead of H_FILES.

2001-01-22	Michael Hamel <>

	* include/rtems.h, src/signalcatch.c: Modifications to make
	CodeWarrior happy.

2000-12-06	Joel Sherrill <>

	* src/regiongetinfo.c: Removed unused variable to eliminate warning.

2000-11-30	Joel Sherrill <>

	* src/msgqsubmit.c: Modified multiprocessing conditional so
	this would compile with both macros and inlines.

2000-11-30	Joel Sherrill <>

	* macros/rtems/rtems/sem.inl: Added macro implementation of

2000-10-18	Joel Sherrill <>

	* src/regiongetinfo.c, include/rtems/rtems/region.h,
	include/rtems/rtems/types.h, src/ Added
	region_get_information() and information control block.
	* src/regiongetinfo.c: New file.

2000-09-29	Stephan Merker <>

	* include/rtems/rtems/ratemon.h, src/ratemonperiod.c,
	src/ratemontimeout.c: Add next_length field so period length
	can be changed by the the sequence period(X), period(not X)
	with no intervening cancel or expiration.

2000-09-04	Ralf Corsepius <>

	* optman/, src/ Include

2000-08-30	Joel Sherrill <>

	* taskstart.c: Removed 1st cut at rtems_task_start_main_style.
	Only committed this so it could be easily revisited as we
	discussing moving main() to user space from BSP space.

2000-08-30	Joel Sherrill <>

	* taskstart.c: Added 1st cut at rtems_task_start_main_style.

2000-08-10	Joel Sherrill <>

	* ChangeLog: New file.