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Real-Time Executive for Multiprocessing Systems (RTEMS)

RTEMS, Real-Time Executive for Multiprocessor Systems, is a real-time executive
(kernel) which provides a high performance environment for embedded
applications with the following features:

 - standards based user interfaces
 - multitasking capabilities
 - homogeneous and heterogeneous multiprocessor systems
 - event-driven, priority-based, preemptive scheduling
 - optional rate monotonic scheduling
 - intertask communication and synchronization
 - priority inheritance
 - responsive interrupt management
 - dynamic memory allocation
 - high level of user configurability
 - open source with a friendly user license

Project git repositories are located at

 RTEMS Kernel:        :
 RTEMS Source Builder :
 RTEMS Tools          :
 RTEMS Documentation  :
 RTEMS FreeBSD        :

Online documentation is available at

 RTEMS User Manual :
 RTEMS RSB Manual  :
 RTEMS Classic API :

RTEMS Doxygen for CPUKit :

RTEMS POSIX 1003.1 Compliance Guide :

 - Details the standards base functionality and profiles RTEMS supportsXo

RTEMS Developers Wiki :

 - Bug reporting, community knowledge and tutorials.

RTEMS Mailing Lists :

 - The RTEMS Project maintains mailing lists which are used for most

   * For general-purpose questions related to using RTEMS, use the rtems-users

   * For questions and discussion related to development of RTEMS, use the
     rtems-devel ml:

The version number for this software is indicated in the VERSION file.