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* rsb: Fix the path to the tar for the untar with strip option.4.11.2Chris Johns2017-03-211-5/+6
* Use a single top level version number.Chris Johns2017-03-201-6/+5
* RSB: Fix the history.Chris Johns2016-11-022-33/+9
* RSB: Fix the heading level for the PDF.Chris Johns2016-11-0210-100/+112
* RSB: Finish reformatting after moving from asciidocs.Chris Johns2016-11-0211-3504/+3534
* rsb: Fix the tex name.Chris Johns2016-10-311-1/+1
* RSB: Clean up formatting and fix code-block mistakes.Joel Sherrill2016-10-301-156/+173
* RSB: Make the bullet style more consistent.Joel Sherrill2016-10-302-34/+43
* RSB: Initial additionJoel Sherrill2016-10-304-0/+3620