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+RTEMS developers run test executables when adding new features or testing a bug
+fix. All tests are run to make sure changes do not introduce regressions. Users
+can run the RTEMS tests to be certain the build of the kernel they have is
+The section describes using and configuring the RTEMS Tester and RTEMS Run
+tools, the types of laboratory set ups supported and how to add your BSP to the
+framework. The tools command line interfaces are detailed in
+An RTEMS Test is an RTEMS executable where the application code is a
+test. Tests in RTEMS print banners to the console to indicate the configuration
+of the test and if it has start and finished.
+The RTEMS Tools Project provides the RTEMS Tester and RTEMS Run tools. The
+RTEMS Tester command is ``rtems-test`` and the RTEMS Run command is
+``rtems-run``. These commands manage the complexity of running embedded
+executables. The commands provide a consistent command line interface to a
+testing framework that supports the various run time and testing scenarios we
+encounter such as simulators, GDB and executing directly on target hardware.
+The RTEMS kernel code contains an extensive set of tests to exercise and test
+the RTEMS kernel. The tests check functionality, provide coverage testing and
+make sure the kernel is operating as intended on your target system. The
+testsuite has support to make creating a test simple and uniform.
+The tests are built by adding ``--enable-tests`` to the RTEMS build
+configuration command line. There are over 600 tests and building them does
+extend the RTEMS kernel's build time and use more disk space but it worth
+building and running them. The RTEMS test executables have the ``.exe`` file
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