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+.. _host-os:
+Host Operating Systems
+.. sidebar:: *GDB and Python*
+ RTEMS uses Python in GDB to aid debugging which means GDB needs to be built
+ with Python development libraries. Please check the RSB documentation and
+ install the packages specified for your host. Make sure a python development
+ package is included.
+A wide range of host operating systems and hardware can be used. The host
+operating systems supported are:
+- Linux
+- FreeBSD
+- NetBSD
+- Apple OS X
+- Windows
+- Solaris
+The functionality on a POSIX operating such as Linux and FreeBSD is similar and
+most features on Windows are supported but you are best to ask on the
+:r:list:`users` if you have a specific question.
+We recommend you maintain your operating system by installing any updates.