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Generating a Tools Patch
-TBD - Convert the following to Rest and insert into this file
-TBD -
+.. COMMENT:TBD - Convert the following to Rest and insert into this file
+The RTEMS patches to the development tools are generated using a command like this
+.. code block:: shell
+ diff -N -P -r -c TOOL-original-image TOOL-with-changes >PATCHFILE
+where the options are:
+* -N and -P take care of adding and removing files (be careful not to
+include junk files like file.mybackup)
+* -r tells diff to recurse through subdirectories
+* -c is a context diff (easy to read for humans)
+* -u is a unified diff (easy for patch to apply)
+Please look at the generated PATCHFILE and make sure it does not contain
+anything you did not intend to send to the maintainers. It is easy to
+accidentally leave a backup file in the modified source tree or have a
+spurious change that should not be in the PATCHFILE.
+If you end up with the entire contents of a file in the patch and can't
+figure out why, you may have different CR/LF scheme in the two source
+files. The GNU open-source packages usually have UNIX style CR/LF. If
+you edit on a Windows platform, the line terminators may have been
+transformed by the editor into Windows style.