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.. glossary::
+ Architecture
+ Family or class of processor based around a common instruction set. RTEMS
+ architectures follow the GCC architecture model as RTEMS needs an GCC
+ architecture compiler for each support RTEMS architecture.
GNU Binary Utilities such as the assembler ``as``, linker ``ld`` and a
range of other tools used in the development of software.
+ Board Support Package is a specific configuration RTEMS can be built
+ for. An RTEMS install process installs specific library and headers files
+ for a single BSP. A BSP optimises RTEMS to a specific target hardware.
+ Buildbot
+ A continuous inteagration build server.
+ Crosscompiler
+ A compiler built to run on a Host that generate code for another
+ architecture.
Dynamically Linker Library used on Windows.
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GNU Debugger
+ Host
+ The computer and operating system that hosts the RTEMS development tools
+ such as the compiler, linker and debugger.
Minimal GNU system for Windows that lets GCC built programs use the
standard Windows operating system DLLs. It lets you build native Windows
@@ -53,6 +75,9 @@ Glossary
variety of open standard application programming interfaces (API) and
interface standards such as POSIX and BSD sockets.
+ Target
+ A target is the hardware or simulator a BSP built executable runs on.
Test Suite
See Testsuite