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Add steps to test Newlib patch.
Update the checksum to be used for the Newlib patches. Earlier it was msd5, but it is depreciated for security reasons. Now RSB accepts sha512.
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@@ -261,17 +261,46 @@ in the ``source-builder/config`` template configuration files.
To test a patch simply copy it to your local ``patches`` directory. The RSB
will see the patch is present and will not attempt to download it. Once you are
happy with the patch submit it to the project and a core developer will review
-it and add it to the RTEMS Tools git repository. For example, to test a local
-patch for newlib, add the following two lines to the .cfg file in
-``rtems/config/tools/`` that is included by the bset you use:
+it and add it to the RTEMS Tools git repository.
+Testing a Newlib Patch
+To test a local patch for newlib, you need to add the following
+two lines to the ``.cfg`` file in ``rsb/rtems/config/tools/`` that is included
+by the bset you use:
+.. topic:: Steps:
+ 1. Create patches for the changes you want to test. (Note: For RSB, before
+ creating Newlib patch, you must run ``autoreconf -fvi`` in the required
+ directory after you make changes to the code. This is not required when
+ you create patch to send to ``newlib-devel``. But if you want RSB to
+ address your changes, your patch should also include regenerated files.)
+ 2. Calculate ``sha512`` of your patch.
+ 3. Place the patches in ``rsb/rtems/patches`` directory.
+ 4. Open the ``.bset`` file used by your BSP in ``rsb/rtems/config``.
+ For example, for ``rtems5``, ``SPARC``, the file will be
+ ``rsb/rtems/config/5/rtems-sparc.bset``.
+ 5. Inside it you will find the name of ``.cfg`` file for Newlib, used by
+ your BSP.
+ For example, I found ``tools/rtems-gcc-7.4.0-newlib-1d35a003f``.
+ 6. Edit your ``.cfg`` file. In my case it will be,
+ ``rsb/rtems/config/tools/rtems-gcc-7.4.0-newlib-1d35a003f.cfg``. And
+ add the information about your patch as mentioned below.
.. code-block:: spec
- %patch add newlib file://0001-this-is-a-newlib-patch.patch <1>
- %hash md5 0001-this-is-a-newlib-patch.diff 77d070878112783292461bd6e7db17fb <2>
+ %patch add newlib -p1 file://0001-Port-ndbm.patch <1>
+ %hash sha512 0001-Port-ndbm.patch 7d999ceeea4f3dc82e8e0aadc09d983a7a68b44470da8a3d61ab6fc558fdba6f2c2de3acc2f32c0b0b97fcc9ab799c27e87afe046544a69519881f947e7881d1 <2>
.. topic:: Items:
1. The diff file prepended with ``file://`` to tell RSB this is a local file.
- 2. The output from md5sum on the diff file.
+ 2. The output from sha512sum on the patch file.