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-RTEMS Tools
-The RTEMS kernel is cross-compiled on host computers and linked to 3rd party
-packages and application code and run on target hardware. This section details
-how to build asuitable cross-compiler and how to use the tools.
+The RTEMS kernel is developed on a host computer where the user's application
+code is cross-compiled to the target hardware's processor instructions and
+linked to the RTEMS kernel and language runtime libraries, and any 3rd party
+packages. RTEMS is not a multiprocess operating system and self hosting the
+types of tools need to create executables is not feasable. As a result a range
+of support tools are needed and they need run on the wide range of avaliable
+host computers users wish to develop on. This section details the tools
+available on host computers RTEMS users and developers need to create RTEMS
+.. include:: linker.rst
+.. include:: symbols.rst
+.. include:: exeinfo.rst
+.. include:: trace-linker.rst
+.. include:: bsp-builder.rst