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+Host Computer
+.. index:: Host Computer
+RTEMS applications are developed using cross-development tools running on a
+development computer, more often called the host computer. These are typically
+your desktop machine or a special build server. All RTEMS tools and runtime
+libraries are built from source on your host machine. The RTEMS Project does
+not maintain binary builds of the tools. This differs to what you normally
+experience with host operating systems, and it is, however this approach works
+well. RTEMS is not a host operating system and it is not a
+distrbution. Deploying binary packages for every possible host operating system
+is too big a task for the RTEMS Project and it is not a good use of core
+developer time. Their time is better spent making RTEMS better and faster.
+The RTEMS Project's aim is to give you complete freedom to decide on the
+languages used in your project, which version control system, and the build
+system for your application.
+The rule for selecting a computer for a developer is `more is better` but we do
+understand there are limits. Projects set up different configurations, some
+have a development machine per developer while others set up a tightly
+controlled central build server. RTEMS Ecosystem is flexible and lets you
+engineer a development environment that suites you. The basic specs are:
+- Multicore processor
+- 8G bytes RAM
+- 256G harddisk
+RTEMS makes no demands on graphics.
+If you are using a VM or your host computer is not a fast modern machine do not
+be concerned. The tools may take longer to build than faster hardware however
+building tools is something you do once. Once the tools and RTEMS is built all
+your time can be spent writing and developing your application. Over an hour
+can happen and for the ARM architecture and with all BSPs it can be many hours.
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