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+.. index:: Targets
+Hardware that can run RTEMS is often referred to as a *target* because RTEMS is
+specifically aimed at that hardware or target. An RTEMS executable is
+statically linked and executes in a single address space on the target
+hardware. A statically linked executable means the RTEMS Kernel, drivers, third
+party packages and application code is linked into a single executable image. A
+single address space means no virtual memory and no memory protected process
+address space is running within the RTEMS arena and the RTEMS Kernel, drivers
+and application have unprotected access to the whole address space and all
+Target hardware supported by RTEMS has a Board Support Package or BSP. A BSP is
+a specific instance of an RTEMS architecture that allows the creation of an
+RTEMS executable. You can view the layering as:
+.. comment Build image with:
+.. comment aafigure hw-layers.txt --textual --type png --option
+.. comment font=/usr/local/lib/X11/fonts/webfonts/arialbd.ttf --background
+.. comment '#dbe5c6' --scale 1.5 -o ../../images/user/hw-layers.png
+.. figure:: ../../images/user/hw-layers.png
+ :align: center
+ :alt: Software Layers on Hardware
+RTEMS Targets are grouped by architectures and within an architecture there are
+a number of Board Support Packages or BPSs. An architecture is a specific class
+or family of processors and can be large such as ARM or specific such as the
+NIOS-II or Microblaze.
+RTEMS is designed to be ported to new target hardware easily and efficiently.