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-.. Copyright (C) 2012, 2016 Chris Johns <>
-RTEMS Source Builder
-The RTEMS Source Builder or RSB is a tool to build packages from source. It is
-used by the RTEMS project to build it's compilers and OS. The RSB helps
-consolidate the details you need to build a package from source in a controlled
-and verifiable way. The tool is aimed at developers of software who use tool
-sets for embedded development. The RSB is not limited to building tools just
-for RTEMS, you can build bare metal development environments.
-Embedded development typically uses cross-compiling tool chains, debuggers, and
-debugging aids. Together we call these a **tool set**. The RTEMS Source Builder
-is designed to fit this specific niche but is not limited to it. The RSB can be
-used outside of the RTEMS project and we welcome this.
-The RTEMS Source Builder is typically used to build a set of tools or a **build
-set**. A **build set** is a collection of packages and a package is a specific
-tool, for example gcc or gdb, or library. The RTEMS Source Builder attempts to
-support any host environment that runs Python and you can build the package
-on. The RSB is not some sort of magic that can take any piece of source code
-and make it build. Someone at some point in time has figured out how to build
-that package from source and taught this tool.
-The RTEMS Source Builder has been tested on:
-- ArchLinux
-- CentOS
-- Fedora
-- Raspbian
-- Ubuntu (includes XUbuntu)
-- Linux Mint
-- openSUSE
-- FreeBSD
-- NetBSD
-- MacOS
-- Windows
-.. topic:: Setting up your Host
- :ref:`Hosts` details setting up hosts.
-The RTEMS Source Builder has two types of configuration data. The first is the
-*build set*. A *build set* describes a collection of packages that define a set
-of tools you would use when developing software for RTEMS. For example the
-basic GNU tool set is binutils, gcc, and gdb and is the typical base suite of
-tools you need for an embedded cross-development type project. The second type
-of configuration data is the configuration files and they define how a package
-is built. Configuration files are scripts loosely based on the RPM spec file
-format and they detail the steps needed to build a package. The steps are
-*preparation*, *building*, and *installing*. Scripts support macros, shell
-expansion, logic, includes plus many more features useful when build packages.
-The RTEMS Source Builder does not interact with any host package management
-systems. There is no automatic dependence checking between various packages you
-build or packages and software your host system you may have installed. We
-assume the build sets and configuration files you are using have been created
-by developers who do. Support is provided for package config or ``pkgconfg``
-type files so you can check and use standard libraries if present. If you have
-a problem please ask on our :r:list:`devel`.
-.. comment: TBD: The section "Installing and Tar Files" does not exist.
-This documentation caters for a range of users from new to experienced RTEMS
-developers who want to understand the RTEMS Source Builder. New users
-who just want to build tools should follow the Quick Start section in
-the User's Guide. Users building a binary tool set for release can
-read the "Installing and Tar Files". Users wanting to run and test
-bleeding edge tools or packages, or wanting update or extend the RSB's
-configuration can read the remaining sections.
-.. topic:: Bug Reporting
- If you think you have found a problem please see :ref:`Bugs, Crashes, and
- Build Failures`.