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+Status of Implementation
+This chapter provides an overview of the status of the implementation
+of the POSIX API for RTEMS. The *POSIX 1003.1b Compliance Guide*
+provides more detailed information regarding the implementation of
+each of the numerous functions, constants, and macros specified by
+the POSIX 1003.1b standard.
+RTEMS supports many of the process and user/group oriented services
+in a "single user/single process" manner. This means that although
+these services may be of limited usefulness or functionality, they
+are provided and do work in a coherent manner. This is significant
+when porting existing code from UNIX to RTEMS.
+- Implementation
+ - The current implementation of ``dup()`` is insufficient.
+ - FIFOs ``mkfifo()`` are not currently implemented.
+ - Asynchronous IO is not implemented.
+ - The ``flockfile()`` family is not implemented
+ - getc/putc unlocked family is not implemented
+ - Shared Memory is not implemented
+ - Mapped Memory is not implemented
+ - NOTES:
+ - For Shared Memory and Mapped Memory services, it is unclear what
+ level of support is appropriate and possible for RTEMS.
+- Functional Testing
+ - Tests for unimplemented services
+- Performance Testing
+ - There are no POSIX Performance Tests.
+- Documentation
+ - Many of the service description pages are not complete in this
+ manual. These need to be completed and information added to the
+ background and operations sections.
+ - Example programs (not just tests) would be very nice.