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+This document describes the RTEMS development
+environment. Discussions are provided for the following topics:
+- the directory structure used by RTEMS,
+- usage of the GNU Make utility within the RTEMS
+ development environment,
+- sample applications, and
+- the RTEMS specific utilities.
+RTEMS was designed as a reusable software component.
+Highly reusable software such as RTEMS is typically distributed
+in the form of source code without providing any support tools.
+RTEMS is the foundation for a complex family of facilities
+including board support packages, device drivers, and support
+libraries. The RTEMS Development Environment is not a CASE
+tool. It is a collection of tools designed to reduce the
+complexity of using and enhancing the RTEMS family. Tools are
+provided which aid in the management of the development,
+maintenance, and usage of RTEMS, its run-time support
+facilities, and applications which utilize the executive.
+A key component of the RTEMS development environment
+is the GNU family of free tools. This is robust set of
+development and POSIX compatible tools for which source code is
+freely available. The primary compilers, assemblers, linkers,
+and make utility used by the RTEMS development team are the GNU
+tools. They are highly portable supporting a wide variety of
+host computers and, in the case of the development tools, a wide
+variety of target processors.
+It is recommended that the RTEMS developer become
+familiar with the RTEMS Development Environment before
+proceeding with any modifications to the executive source tree.
+The source code for the executive is very modular and source
+code is divided amongst directories based upon functionality as
+well as dependencies on CPU and target board. This organization
+is aimed at isolating and minimizing non-portable code. This
+has the immediate result that adding support for a new CPU or
+target board requires very little "wandering" around the source
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