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+Entropy Source
+Each BSP must provide an implementation of the :c:func:`getentropy` system
+call. This system call was introduced by
+`OpenBSD <>`_
+and is also available in
+`glibc since version 2.25 <>`_.
+This system call is used by the Newlib provided
+`ARC4RANDOM(3) <>`_ functions, which in
+turn are used by various cryptographic functions.
+.. warning::
+ A good entropy source is critical for (nearly) all cryptographic
+ applications. The default implementation based on the CPU counter is not
+ suitable for such applications.
+The :c:func:`getentropy` implementation must fill the specified memory region
+of the given size with random numbers and return 0 on success.
+In general, for embedded systems it is not easy to get some real entropy. Normally,
+that can only be reached with some extra hardware support. Some microcontrollers
+integrate a true random number generator or something similar for cryptographic
+applications. That is the preferred source of entropy for most BSPs. For example
+`atsam BSP uses the TRNG for its entropy source <>`_.
+There is also a quite limited
+`default implementation based on the CPU counter <>`_.
+Due to the fact that it is a time based source, the values provided by
+:c:func:`getentropy` are quite predictable. This implementation is not
+appropriate for any cryptographic applications but it is good enough for some
+basic tasks. Use it only if you do not have any strong requirements on the
+entropy and if there is no better source.
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