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System Shutdown Support
-Optionally, the :dfn:`Clock Driver Shell` provides the routine ``Clock_exit()``
-that is scheduled to be run during system shutdown via the ``atexit()``
-routine. The hardware-specific shutdown support is specified by
-``Clock_driver_support_shutdown_hardware()`` which is used by ``Clock_exit()``.
-It should disable the clock tick source if it was enabled. This can be used to
-prevent clock ticks after the system is shutdown. The
-``Clock_driver_support_shutdown_hardware()`` must be provided as a macro. In
-case this macro is undefined, then the shutdown support is disabled. This is
-useful for example on memory constrained systems to avoid the ``atexit()``
-.. code-block:: c
- static void some_support_shutdown_hardware( void )
- {
- /* Shutdown hardware */
- }
- #define Clock_driver_support_shutdown_hardware() \
- some_support_shutdown_hardware()
- #include "../../../shared/dev/clock/clockimpl.h"
+The clock driver system shutdown support was removed in RTEMS 5.1.
SMP Support