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gdbarmsim: Remove all references to this deleted BSP family
Updates #3611.
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@@ -138,8 +138,8 @@ by all BSPs of that architecture.
$ ls
acinclude.m4 edb7312 gumstix realview-pbx-a9 stm32f4 gba lm3s69xx nds rtl22xx xilinx-zynq
- csb336 gdbarmsim lpc24xx shared
- csb337 gp32 lpc32xx raspberrypi smdk2410
+ csb336 lpc24xx shared csb337 gp32
+ lpc32xx raspberrypi smdk2410
Finally, if we cd into a specific BSP, we see the files and .h's that
compose the package for that particular board. You may recognize the