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-Before reading this documentation, it is strongly advised to read the RTEMS
-Development Environment Guide to get acquainted with the RTEMS directory
-structure. This document describes how to do a RTEMS Board Support Package,
-i.e. how to port RTEMS on a new target board. Discussions are provided for the
-following topics:
-- RTEMS Board Support Package Organization
-- Makefiles and the Linker Command Script
-- Board Initialization Sequence
-- Device Drivers:
- - Console Driver
- - Clock Driver
- - Timer Driver
- - Real-Time Clock Driver
- - Non-Volatile Memory Driver
- - Networking Driver
- - Shared Memory Support Driver
- - Analog Driver
- - Discrete Driver
-The original version of this manual was written by Geoffroy Montel
-<>. When he started development of the gen68340
-BSP, this manual did not exist. He wrote the initial version of
-this manual as the result of his experiences. At that time, this
-document was viewed internally as the most important "missing manual"
-in the RTEMS documentation set.
-The gen68340 BSP is a good example of the life of an RTEMS BSP. It is
-based upon a part not recommended for new designs and none of the core RTEMS
-Project team members have one of these boards. Thus we are unlikely to
-perform major updates on this BSP. So as long as it compiles and links all
-tests, it will be available.
-The RTEMS Project team members are always trying to identify common
-code across BSPs and refactoring the code into shared routines.
-As part of this effort, the we will enhance the common BSP Framework.
-Not surprisingly, not every BSP takes advantage of every feature in
-the framework. The gen68340 does not take advantage of as many features
-as the ERC32 BSP does. So in many ways, the ERC32 is a better example
-BSP at this point. But even the ERC32 BSP does not include examples
-of every driver template and framework available to the BSP author.
-So in this guide we will try to point out good examples from other BSPs.
-Our goal is for you to be able to reuse as much code as possible and
-write as little board specific code as possible.
+This document describes how to create or modify a Board Support Package (BSP)
+for RTEMS, i.e. how to port RTEMS on a new microcontroller, system on chip
+(SoC) or board. It is strongly recommended to notify the
+`RTEMS development mailing <>`_
+about any activity in this area and maybe also
+`add tickets <>`_
+for specific work packages.
+A basic BSP consists of the following components:
+- Low-level initialization
+- Console driver
+- Clock driver