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- Add Python3 and venv to the README - Add a section on how to set up a host if the python command is not available. Update #4037
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Please add your host as you set it up.
-The best environment to use is `virtualenv`. It can create a specific python
-environment using `pip`.
+The best results are produced with Python3 and a virtual environment`. It can
+create a specific python environment using `pip`.
+Virtual Environment
+Create a directory to house the virtual environment, create the envrionment
+and the activate it. This example assumes Python3 and the `venv` module:
+ $ mkdir sphinx
+ $ python3 -m venv sphinx
+ $ . ./sphinx/bin/activate
-Create a directory to house the virtualenv, create the envrionment and the
-activate it:
+Alternatively you can use the `virtualenv` command:
$ mkdir sphinx
$ virtualenv sphinx