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+FACE Technical Standard Related Configuration
+This section describes configuration options related to adapting
+RTEMS behavior to be aligned with the FACE Technical Standard.
+The FACE Technical Standard is a product of the FACE Consortium
+which operates under the Open Group. The FACE Consortium was founded
+by avionics organizations to improve the portability of cockpit software
+across various platforms. It addresses technical and business concerns.
+Most important from an RTEMS perspective, the FACE Technical Standard
+defines four POSIX profiles: Security, Safety Base, Safety Extended, and
+the General Purpose Profile. Each has an increasingly larger subset of
+POSIX APIs. In the Security and Safety profiles, ARINC 653 is required.
+It is optional in the General Purpose Profile.
+The RTEMS Project has been tracking alignment with the FACE POSIX profiles
+and they are included in the "RTEMS POSIX 1003.1 Compliance Guide."
+.. Generated from spec:/acfg/if/posix-timer-face-behavior
+.. raw:: latex
+ \clearpage
+.. rubric:: CONSTANT:
+.. rubric:: OPTION TYPE:
+This configuration option is a boolean feature define.
+If this configuration option is undefined, then the described feature is not
+.. rubric:: DESCRIPTION:
+If this configuration option is defined, then POSIX timers may not be created
+to use the :term:`CLOCK_REALTIME`. Per POSIX, this is allowed
+behavior but per the FACE Technical Standard, it is not. Using POSIX timers
+based on CLOCK_REALTIME (e.g., time of day) is unsafe for real-time safety
+systems as setting CLOCK_REALTIME will perturb any active timers.
+If this option is not defined, POSIX timers may be created to use the
+CLOCK_REALTIME in compliance with the POSIX specification.
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