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user, eclipse: Remove RSB sb-bootstrap command
Update #4046
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diff --git a/eclipse/rtems.rst b/eclipse/rtems.rst
index 4459749..cd1f45a 100644
--- a/eclipse/rtems.rst
+++ b/eclipse/rtems.rst
@@ -44,9 +44,9 @@ Now run the `bootstrap` command:
$ ./bootstrap
Sit back, this can take a while. The Getting Started Guide talks about using
-the RSB's `sb-bootstrap` to run the bootstrap process in parallel on all
+the `rtems-bootstrap` to run the bootstrap process in parallel on all
available cores. The output of the bootstrap has not been copied into this
The source code is now ready.
diff --git a/user/installation/developer.rst b/user/installation/developer.rst
index ff7eefe..1b2b785 100644
--- a/user/installation/developer.rst
+++ b/user/installation/developer.rst
@@ -576,12 +576,12 @@ Then we generate the pre-install header file automake make files:
Generating ./cpukit/zlib/
-Finally we run the RSB's parallel ``bootstrap`` command:
+Finally we run the parallel ``bootstrap`` command:
.. code-block:: none
- $ /c/opt/rtems/rsb/source-builder/sb-bootstrap
- RTEMS Source Builder - RTEMS Bootstrap, 4.11 (76188ee494dd)
+ $ ./rtems-bootstrap
+ RTEMS Bootstrap, 4.11 (76188ee494dd)
1/139: autoreconf:
2/139: autoreconf: c/
3/139: autoreconf: c/src/
diff --git a/user/installation/kernel.rst b/user/installation/kernel.rst
index f8c3c6f..fca4ed7 100644
--- a/user/installation/kernel.rst
+++ b/user/installation/kernel.rst
@@ -57,18 +57,18 @@ The developers version of the code from git requires we ``bootstrap`` the
source code. This is an ``autoconf`` and ``automake`` bootstrap to create the
various files generated by ``autoconf`` and ``automake``. RTEMS does not keep
these generated files under version control. The bootstrap process is slow so
-to speed it up the RSB provides a command that can perform the bootstrap in
+to speed it up we provide a command that can perform the bootstrap in
parallel using your available cores. We need to enter the cloned source
directory then run the bootstrap commands:
.. code-block:: none
$ cd rtems
- $ ./bootstrap -c && $HOME/development/rtems/rsb/source-builder/sb-bootstrap
+ $ ./bootstrap -c && ./rtems-bootstrap
removing automake generated files
removing configure files
removing aclocal.m4 files
- RTEMS Source Builder - RTEMS Bootstrap, 5 (089327b5dcf9)
+ RTEMS Bootstrap, 5 (089327b5dcf9)
1/139: autoreconf:
2/139: autoreconf: cpukit/
3/139: autoreconf: tools/cpu/