AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-04-16Canonicalize config.h includeSebastian Huber
Use the following variant which was already used by most source files: #ifdef HAVE_CONFIG_H #include "config.h" #endif
2020-04-16libnetworking: Remove config.h include in headerSebastian Huber
2020-04-15bsp/imx: Add an extra ecspi clock.Christian Mauderer
Some imx chips or boards don't use the same frequency for ECSPI and IPG. Update #3869
2020-04-15libmisc/shell: Fix the handling of joel scripts in telnetChris Johns
- Fix the passing of std[in/out] to child threads - Fix deleting of managed memory in the key destructor - Only set the key in the main loop thread - Only allocate a shell env outside of the main loop - Fix memory leak if the task start fails - Remove error level from shell env, it cannot be returned this way. Add exit_code but the API is broken so it cannot be returned. Closes #3859
2020-04-14config: Fix typoSebastian Huber
Update #3875.
2020-04-14score: Check time of day in _TOD_Set()Sebastian Huber
Close #3949.
2020-04-14score: Return status in _TOD_Set()Sebastian Huber
Update #3949.
2020-04-10bsps/riscv: Fix multiple definitionSebastian Huber
2020-04-10bsp/raspberrypi: Fix build warnings.G S Niteesh Babu
1) _Memory_Initialize makes pointer from integer without a cast. 2) printf format error, expects %u but %lu provided.
2020-04-08score: Delete RTEMS_DECLARE_GLOBAL_SYMBOL()Sebastian Huber
Delete unused RTEMS_DECLARE_GLOBAL_SYMBOL(). Update #3799.
2020-04-08config: Fix _ISR_Stack_area_endSebastian Huber
In the previous implementation, the _ISR_Stack_area_begin and _ISR_Stack_area_end symbols were in different sections. If they do not have the same alignment, then the following linker directive could separate them: *(SORT_BY_ALIGNMENT (SORT_BY_NAME (.rtemsstack*))) Do not use different sections and instead define _ISR_Stack_area_end directly. Update #3799.
2020-04-08score: Add and use RTEMS_SYMBOL_NAME()Sebastian Huber
Update #3799.
2020-04-07Tests for inttype.h methodsEshan dhawan
2020-04-07lpc23xx_tli800-testsuite.tcfg: Add psxaoi03 and psxsignal07Joel Sherrill
Updates #3938.
2020-04-07mcf52235-testsuite.tcfg: Add sp16Joel Sherrill
Updates #3938.
2020-04-07lpc1768_mbed-testsuite.tcfg: Add psxaoi03 and psxsignal07Joel Sherrill
Updates #3938.
2020-04-07lpc2362-testsuite.tcfg: Add psxaoi03 and psxsignal07Joel Sherrill
Updates #3938.
2020-04-07lpc1768_mbed_ahb_ram_eth-testsuite.tcfg: Add psxsignal07Joel Sherrill
Updates #3938.
2020-04-07lm4f120-testsuite.tcfg: Add psxsignal07Joel Sherrill
Updates #3938.
2020-04-06tests: Exclude record02 for some BSPsSebastian Huber
Update #3938.
2020-04-06tests: Small memory exclude for record02Sebastian Huber
Update #3938.
2020-04-06sparc64: update linkcmds with missing sections for TLSGedare Bloom
Closes #3936.
2020-04-05Revert "score: Fix _ISR_Stack_area_end"Sebastian Huber
This reverts commit 8e80876bdd54e36fb668eee655eec1dd588daf13 which broke several architectures.
2020-04-04bsp/raspberry: Add a bsp_fdt_map_intr().Christian Mauderer
Fixes #3903
2020-04-03cpukit/rfs: fix typo in header guardGedare Bloom
2020-04-03score: Fix _ISR_Stack_area_endSebastian Huber
The _ISR_Stack_area_begin and _ISR_Stack_area_end symbols are in different sections. They must have the same alignment, otherwise the following linker directive could separate them: *(SORT_BY_ALIGNMENT (SORT_BY_NAME (.rtemsstack*))) Update #3799.
2020-04-03bsp/shared/clock: Reset Clock_driver_isrs to correct valueJan Sommer
CLOCK_DRIVER_ISRS_PER_TICK is the configuration define, CLOCK_DRIVER_ISRS_PER_TICK_VALUE is the actual value of ISRS per clock tick, therefore use this one to reset the Clock_driver_isrs after each tick.
2020-04-03arm: ARMv7-M statically initialized vector tableSebastian Huber
Statically initialize the ARMv7-M vector table to allow a placement in ROM with read-only MPU settings. Change licence to BSD-2-Clause in some files.
2020-04-03config: Remove filesystem entry config optionsSebastian Huber
2020-04-02libio: Remove RTEMS_FILESYSTEM_TYPE_MINIIMFSSebastian Huber
This type is unused. Do not mention non-existing CONFIGURE_FILESYSTEM_MINIIMFS.
2020-04-02bsp/qoriq: Fix off by one error in clock initSebastian Huber
Close #3921.
2020-04-02rtems: Fix Doxygen commentSebastian Huber
2020-03-31testsuites: Remove CONFIGURE_MALLOC_STATISTICSSebastian Huber
This configuration option is obsolete since 2014. Update #1367.
2020-03-31config: Remove CONFIGURE_FILESYSTEM_DEVFSSebastian Huber
This filesystem no longer exists. Remove unused RTEMS_FILESYSTEM_TYPE_DEVFS. Update #3894.
2020-03-31ftpd: Remove superfluous definesSebastian Huber
These defines are not used and easily conflict with application code. They are also defined by the standard header file <arpa/ftp.h> if someone needs them.
2020-03-31ftpd: Fix return typesSebastian Huber
2020-03-31config: Remove BSP_DEFAULT_UNIFIED_WORK_AREASSebastian Huber
Do not undefine this unused BSP configuration option. This is a follow up of commit 92b33b8d09377feb14eb5a831ce242047c58d02b.
2020-03-25MAINTAINERS: Add myself to Write After ApprovalVijay Kumar Banerjee
2020-03-23score: Document _TLS_AlignmentSebastian Huber
2020-03-23score: Fix size of TLS_Thread_control_blockSebastian Huber
On most architectures, the size of the thread-local storage TCB must be 8 bytes. Fix the definition for 64-bit targets.
2020-03-23sptests/sptls02: Add test caseSebastian Huber
Add a test case which requires the use of __tls_guard() and __tls_init(). Change license to BSD-2-Clause.
2020-03-23conf: Improve evaluation of event recording optsSebastian Huber
Check for configuration errors earlier. Allow fatal dumps without the other extensions. Add some warnings. Update #3904.
2020-03-19gdbarmsim: RemoveJoel Sherrill
Closes #3611.
2020-03-18record: Add rtems_record_dump()Sebastian Huber
Add rtems_record_dump_base64() and rtems_record_dump_base64_zlib(). Add CONFIGURE_RECORD_FATAL_DUMP_BASE64 and CONFIGURE_RECORD_FATAL_DUMP_BASE64_ZLIB configuration options. Update #3904.
2020-03-16rtems: Add rtems_put_char()Sebastian Huber
Update #3904.
2020-03-16score: Add _IO_Base64()Sebastian Huber
Update #3904.
2020-03-13bsps: Remove legacy interrupt API from defaultSebastian Huber
This fixes linker issues on the powerpc/virtex4 and powerpc/virtex5 BSPs.
2020-03-13bsp/virtex: Remove duplicate includeSebastian Huber
2020-03-13libio: Robust file descriptor reference countingSebastian Huber
There was a race conditon in the reference counting of file descriptors during a close() operation. After the call to the close handler, the rtems_libio_free() function cleared the flags to zero. However, at this point in time there may still exist some holders of the file descriptor. With RTEMS_DEBUG enabled this could lead to failed assertions in rtems_libio_iop_drop(). Change the code to use only atomic read-modify-write operations on the rtems_libio_iop::flags.
2020-03-12mrm332-testsuite.tcfg: Add dl01Joel Sherrill