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2019-02-11linkers/syms: Add symbol filtering.Chris Johns
2019-01-10linkers: Fix the -O option handling in rtems-execinfoChris Johns
2018-12-06Fix wrong function signatureskaidoho
2018-11-29Fix warnings on Windows.Chris Johns
2018-08-07linkers/exeinfo: Report who inlines which functions. Report not inline functi...Chris Johns
2018-08-07linkers/exeinfo: Add an inlines report and DWARF data dump.Chris Johns
2018-06-18rtemstoolkit: Add DWARF function support.Chris Johns
2018-06-18linkers: Add an address to line tool.Chris Johns
2018-06-18linkers/exe-info: Add DWARF support to gather and check producer details.Chris Johns
2018-06-15linkers/exe-info: Set the data endian for getting the init/fini sec data.Chris Johns
2018-06-02Updating trace buffer configurationVidushi Vashishth
2018-04-14rtemstoolkit/rtl-file: Remove a file on close if requestedChris Johns
2017-10-12linkers: Update due to API changesSebastian Huber
2017-08-16linkers/exe-info Support ARM static constructors.Chris Johns
2017-03-15rtems-syms: Fix usage help.Chris Johns
2016-08-25linkers/syms: Add weak symbols to the global symbol table.Chris Johns
2016-04-03linkers: Demangle the C++ labels in the .ctors/.dtors sections.Chris Johns
2016-04-03linkers: Add a tool to show RTEMS executable information.Chris Johns
2016-02-19Add Windows specific waf support for MSYS2.Chris Johns
2016-01-05linkers: Fix for targets with a small-data areaSebastian Huber
2016-01-04linkers: Avoid castSebastian Huber
2015-12-09Add release versioning support.Chris Johns
2015-10-19Fix Windows build issues.Chris Johns
2015-10-15Always provide the argument size defines.Chris Johns
2015-10-15Change to use the task implemenation interface.Chris Johns
2015-09-29Add a lock model to support different lock models when tracing.Chris Johns
2015-03-29rtemstoolkit: Add support to return the system path split as paths.Chris Johns
2015-03-29trace-linker: Update comments.Chris Johns
2015-03-27trace-linker: Add the trace function signatures to the wrapper code.Chris Johns
2015-03-26trace-linker: Add API and POSIX interfaces.Chris Johns
2015-03-26trace-linker: Add Trace Buffering support.Chris Johns
2015-03-24rtems-tld: Add lock and buffer allocator support to generators.Chris Johns
2015-03-23trace-linker: Add options, names, enables, and triggers.Chris Johns
2015-02-08Install the rtems-test command.Chris Johns
2015-01-21Remove warning on Linux.Chris Johns
2015-01-18Add support to cross-compile. Use --hosti=.Chris Johns
2014-12-18rtems-tld: Install the libc heap configuration files.Chris Johns
2014-12-18rtems-tld: Add configuration support for libc head tracing.Chris Johns
2014-11-20main-page.cpp: Fix spelling issueJoel Sherrill
2014-11-06linkers: Disable .type statements in symbol code.Chris Johns
2014-11-04linkers: Merge the standard libraries into the user library paths.Chris Johns
2014-11-01fix for open() not taking a std::stringBen Gras
2014-10-30linkers: Add base image symbol to ELF object file generation.Chris Johns
2014-10-28linkers: Add kernel symbol support.Chris Johns
2014-09-22rtems-tld: Make printk the default generator.Chris Johns
2014-09-21rtems-tld: Add config options, fix void args, and SCore traces.Chris Johns
2014-09-21rtems-tld: Remove forced trace message.Chris Johns
2014-09-13rtk: Build fastlz into the rld library.Chris Johns
2014-09-13Refactor code into the RTEMS Toolkit.Chris Johns
2014-09-13waf: Include waf in the souce tree and updated README on building.Chris Johns