AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-02-25posix: fix error return code for pthread_mutex_trylockHEADmasterGedare Bloom
2015-02-24Panic on RTEMS_FAST_MUTEX network semaphore claim/release.Chris Johns
2015-02-23sparc64: fix copyright notices.Gedare Bloom
2015-02-23rpc: misaligned pointer dereference in clnt_udp.c line 363Jeffrey Hill
2015-02-23rpc: misaligned address exception in get_myaddress.cJeffrey Hill
2015-02-23rtems-bin2c: Fix Windows buildSebastian Huber
2015-02-23networking: alignment exception in ioctl(SIOCGIFCONF)Till Straumann
2015-02-23Use counted strnlen in bin2c. Closes #2238.Gedare Bloom
2015-02-23psxtests: add string param to printf. closes #2241Gedare Bloom
2015-02-20ARM: Support VFP-D16Martin Galvan
2015-02-20IMFS: Fix copy on write for linfilesSebastian Huber
2015-02-20Don't fail to create passwd and group files if /etc already existsNick Withers
2015-02-19doc: Note that rename() is only partially implemented.Nick Withers
2015-02-19bfin: do not reset dispatch neededGedare Bloom
2015-02-19sptests: Add missing test extensionSebastian Huber
2015-02-19score: Make <rtems/score/atomic.h> availableSebastian Huber
2015-02-18IMFS: Silence warningSebastian Huber
2015-02-17score: Fix _Thread_Start_multitasking() on SMPSebastian Huber
2015-02-17score: Fix FP context restore via _Thread_HandlerSebastian Huber
2015-02-17score: Add _CPU_SMP_Prepare_start_multitasking()Sebastian Huber
2015-02-15IMFS: Implement variable length node namesSebastian Huber
2015-02-13lpc1768_mbed_ahb_ram_eth-testsuite.tcfg: Add ftp01Joel Sherrill
2015-02-13lpc1768_mbed-testsuite.tcfg: Add ftp01Joel Sherrill
2015-02-13score: Mention ticket in commentSebastian Huber
2015-02-13IMFS: Rename CONFIGURE_IMFS_DISABLE_FCHMODSebastian Huber
2015-02-13sapi/ Do not install libsapi.aJoel Sherrill
2015-02-13sys/event.h: Update to FreeBSD 9.3Sebastian Huber
2015-02-12psxhdrs: Reorganize into subdirectories per .h file and rename filesJoel Sherrill
2015-02-12psxhdrs: Remove test of pthread_attr_[gs]et_cputimeJoel Sherrill
2015-02-12psxhdrs: Add tests for <sys/socket.h> API complianceJoel Sherrill
2015-02-12sys/socket.h: Include <sys/types.h> for ssize_tJoel Sherrill
2015-02-12IMFS: Add fine grained configurationSebastian Huber
2015-02-12IMFS: Allow static initialization of FS infoSebastian Huber
2015-02-12IMFS: Fix resource leakSebastian Huber
2015-02-12IMFS: Add root directory to FS infoSebastian Huber
2015-02-12IMFS: Simplify IMFS_symlink()Sebastian Huber
2015-02-12IMFS: Split linfile and memfile modulesSebastian Huber
2015-02-12IMFS: Introduce IMFS_mknod_controlSebastian Huber
2015-02-12Filesystem: Use ENOTSUP for default mount/unmountSebastian Huber
2015-02-11grspw: Fix typosDaniel Cederman
2015-02-11doc: Document network task affinity optionDaniel Cederman
2015-02-11doc: Describe new default error handler for SparcDaniel Cederman
2015-02-11smpcapture02: Add test of functionality to add custom entries to capture traceDaniel Cederman
2015-02-11bsp/sparc: Move BSP_ISR_handler to a separate file and rename itDaniel Cederman
2015-02-10or1k/cpu.c: Eliminate dependency on BSP provided headerHesham ALMatary
2015-02-09Filesystem: Simplify FIFO and pipe configurationSebastian Huber
2015-02-09Filesystem: Delete unused fsmountme_h handlerSebastian Huber