AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-04Fix docs generation.HEADmasterAmar Takhar
2019-12-04Fix building of BSPs in different source directories than their name.Amar Takhar
2019-12-04Add new waf build.wafAmar Takhar
2019-12-04Add Python and waf related files to .gitignore.Amar Takhar
2019-12-02Move feature macro before "config.h" includeSebastian Huber
2019-11-29ada/sp19: Add m4 generated sptest.adbSebastian Huber
2019-11-29Regenerate headers.amSebastian Huber
2019-11-27testsuites/ada: Introduce init.c filesSebastian Huber
2019-11-26untar: Properly make parent pathSebastian Huber
2019-11-26libtests/dl*: Rename source filesSebastian Huber
2019-11-26libtests/dl*: Use rtems_tarfs_load()Sebastian Huber
2019-11-26psxinttypes01: Remove invalid test casesSebastian Huber
2019-11-25libtests: Use '-' for TAR file namesSebastian Huber
2019-11-25libtests/dl*: Do not generate files via "echo"Sebastian Huber
2019-11-25libtests/tar0[12]:: Use static archive contentSebastian Huber
2019-11-25untar: Make path also for symbolic linksSebastian Huber
2019-11-25untar: Unify untar supportSebastian Huber
2019-11-25libtest: Output basename of source filesSebastian Huber
2019-11-25bsp/mpc55xxevb: Remove obsolete linker cmd fileSebastian Huber
2019-11-25bsp/gen83xx: Remove obsolete linker command fileSebastian Huber
2019-11-25linkersets: Revert to zero-length arraysSebastian Huber
2019-11-25Document RTEMS_DEFINE_GLOBAL_SYMBOL_IN_SECTION()Sebastian Huber
2019-11-21testsuite: Only include termios10/termios11 tests if compiled with POSIXHesham Almatary
2019-11-21imfs: Fix IMFS_make_linearfile()Sebastian Huber
2019-11-19imfs: Add IMFS_make_linfile()Sebastian Huber
2019-11-19Move feature macro before "config.h" includeSebastian Huber
2019-11-19bsp/lpc32xx: Fix linker command fileSebastian Huber
2019-11-19bsp/imx7: Rename linker command fileSebastian Huber
2019-11-19bsp/altcycv_devkit: Rename linker command fileSebastian Huber
2019-11-18bsp/atsamv: Fix warningSebastian Huber
2019-11-18Synchronize kernel <sys/time.h> with FreeBSDrrs
2019-11-15bsp/lpc32xx: Remove unused TESTS_USE_PRINTKSebastian Huber
2019-11-15Remove BSP_SMALL_MEMORY BSP optionSebastian Huber
2019-11-15bsp/i386: Remove unused BSP_HAS_SMPSebastian Huber
2019-11-14bsp/t32mppc: Rename linker command fileSebastian Huber
2019-11-14bsp/beagle: Rename linker command fileSebastian Huber
2019-11-14bsp/riscv: Fix format and warningsSebastian Huber
2019-11-14bsp/riscv: Fix use of uninitialized integerSebastian Huber
2019-11-14bsp/riscv: Remove bogus Automake conditionalSebastian Huber
2019-11-14bsp/riscv: riscv_get_core_frequency()Sebastian Huber
2019-11-14bsp/gumstix: Fix warningSebastian Huber
2019-11-14bsp/gumstix: Remove ON_SKYEYE Automake conditionalSebastian Huber
2019-11-14arm/stm32f4: Fix typoSebastian Huber
2019-11-12testsuite/dl02: Fix bug to correctly check the handle of the second object fileHesham Almatary
2019-11-12riscv: preliminarily support for libdlHesham Almatary
2019-11-12ada/mptests: Make them compile cleanSebastian Huber
2019-11-12sptests: Avoid include path magicSebastian Huber
2019-11-12tests: Simplify fatal error test supportSebastian Huber
2019-11-12block08: Use local includeSebastian Huber
2019-11-12libtests: Remove superfluous include pathSebastian Huber