AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-28legacy nfs.c: Change filesystem utime_h handler to utimens_hHEADmainRyan Long
2021-04-27Re-license copyright textsVijay Kumar Banerjee
2021-04-19bsp_drivers: Use os.path for compatibility with non Unix hostVijay Kumar Banerjee
2021-04-16netlegacy: Remove telnetd buildVijay Kumar Banerjee
2021-04-15netlegacy: Use os.path instead of hardcoded Unix like pathVijay Kumar Banerjee
2021-04-15nfsclient: Build nfsclient from the top level netlegacy scriptVijay Kumar Banerjee
2021-04-13Revert "include: Add telnetd.h"Vijay Kumar Banerjee
2021-04-13Revert "Add telnetd"Vijay Kumar Banerjee
2021-04-13netlegacy: Use os.path to get the file extensionVijay Kumar Banerjee
2021-04-13Remove RTEMS_NETWORKING checksVijay Kumar Banerjee
2021-04-13leon,greth: added support for variable sized descriptor table sizesDaniel Hellstrom
2021-03-05testsuites: Fix typo in wscriptsVijay Kumar Banerjee
2021-03-05netlegacy: Build libtelnetd.a and install header file in correct locationVijay Kumar Banerjee
2021-03-03include: Add telnetd.hVijay Kumar Banerjee
2021-03-03bsps/powerpc/beatnik: Remove sources that were not built by RTEMSVijay Kumar Banerjee
2021-03-03bsp_drivers: Fix bsp source file listVijay Kumar Banerjee
2021-03-02Add legacy networking tests from RTEMSVijay Kumar Banerjee
2021-03-02Add telnetdVijay Kumar Banerjee
2021-03-02pppd: Remove wscriptVijay Kumar Banerjee
2021-03-02bsp_driver, wscript: Format according to PEP8 style guideVijay Kumar Banerjee
2021-03-02Rename lnetworking to netlegacyVijay Kumar Banerjee
2021-03-02README: Update it to include repository and licence information.Vijay Kumar Banerjee
2021-03-02Add git logs from RTEMS treeVijay Kumar Banerjee
2021-03-02bsps: Add support to build from shared bsp folder for specific BSPsVijay Kumar Banerjee
2021-03-02Add support for building bsp specific net driversVijay Kumar Banerjee
2021-03-02Add libmisc and librpc from RTEMS cpukitVijay Kumar Banerjee
2021-03-02lnetworking: install the header filesVijay Kumar Banerjee
2021-03-02Add networking01 test from RTEMS testsuitesVijay Kumar Banerjee
2021-03-02Add nfsclientVijay Kumar Banerjee
2021-03-02Add pppd from RTEMSVijay Kumar Banerjee
2021-03-02Add wscriptVijay Kumar Banerjee
2021-02-24Initial Commit: Add all files from RTEMS libnetworking directoryVijay Kumar Banerjee