AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-09-28bsps/xtratum: New BSPHEADmasterChristian Mauderer
2016-09-28Filesystem: Add select() support for pipesSebastian Huber
2016-09-28Filesystem: IO control based select() supportSebastian Huber
2016-09-28Support custom Makefiles.Sebastian Huber
2016-09-27score: Unify CORE mutex seize/surrenderSebastian Huber
2016-09-27score: Simplify ISR lock nameSebastian Huber
2016-09-27score: Simplify CORE mutex seizeSebastian Huber
2016-09-27score: Fix warningSebastian Huber
2016-09-23sptests/spsem03: Fix compile errorSebastian Huber
2016-09-23bsp/mvme147*: Fix linker issueSebastian Huber
2016-09-23bsps/m68k: Add libatomic support to some bsp_specsSebastian Huber
2016-09-23bsps/m68k: Fix linker command fileSebastian Huber
2016-09-23score: Fix C/C++ compatibility issueSebastian Huber
2016-09-22arm/tms570: document BSP setup with included hardware initialization.Pavel Pisa
2016-09-22arm/tms570: update bootstrap generated preinstall.amPavel Pisa
2016-09-22arm/tms570: include TMS570_USE_HWINIT_STARTUP option to select bare metal sta...Pavel Pisa
2016-09-22arm/tms570: include hardware initialization and selftest based on Ti HalCoGen...Pavel Pisa
2016-09-22arm/tms570: define base addresses of all TMS570LS3137 SPI interfaces.Pavel Pisa
2016-09-22bsps/arm: Export bsp_start_hook_0_done symbol from ARM start.S.Pavel Pisa
2016-09-21classic networking: adapt FXP driver to work with actual PCI and IRQ code.Pavel Pisa
2016-09-21score: Scheduler node awareness for thread queuesSebastian Huber
2016-09-21rtems: Add rtems_task_get_priority()Sebastian Huber
2016-09-21smptests/smpmutex01: Use test case functionsSebastian Huber
2016-09-21score: Manage scheduler nodes via thread queuesSebastian Huber
2016-09-21score: Add scheduler node table for each threadSebastian Huber
2016-09-21score: Rework thread priority managementSebastian Huber
2016-09-20classic networking: do not reference BSP_irq_enabled_at_i8259s which is no mo...Pavel Pisa
2016-09-19termios: Add IO control handlerSebastian Huber
2016-09-19termios: Use IMFS nodes for new Termios devicesSebastian Huber
2016-09-19libtests/devfs: Use printk()Sebastian Huber
2016-09-19fstests: Use printk() for IMFS configuration testsSebastian Huber
2016-09-19tests: CONFIGURE_USE_DEVFS_AS_BASE_FILESYSTEMSebastian Huber
2016-09-19imfs: Untangle dependenciesSebastian Huber
2016-09-16imfs: Fix IMFS_stat_file()Sebastian Huber
2016-09-16bsp/atsam: Add SPI bus driverAlexander Krutwig
2016-09-16Add SPI bus frameworkAlexander Krutwig
2016-09-16bsp/atsam: Use normal memory for QSPI flash areaAlexander Krutwig
2016-09-08arm/raspberrypi: define bsp_reset to restart board by watchdog.Pavel Pisa
2016-09-08score: Introduce _Thread_Get_priority()Sebastian Huber
2016-09-08score: Add scheduler node implementation headerSebastian Huber
2016-09-08score: Move thread wait node to scheduler nodeSebastian Huber
2016-09-08score: Move scheduler node to own header fileSebastian Huber
2016-09-08score: Optimize thread queue enqueueSebastian Huber
2016-09-08score: Introduce Thread_queue_Lock_contextSebastian Huber
2016-09-08score: Simplify thread queue acquire/releaseSebastian Huber
2016-09-08score: Fix warningSebastian Huber
2016-09-08score: Fix warningSebastian Huber
2016-09-08score: Fix for RTEMS_DEBUGSebastian Huber
2016-09-08powerpc: Fix SMP context switchSebastian Huber
2016-09-08testsuite: Add libdl/dl05 reloc test.Chris Johns