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11 daysscore: Change TOD_LATEST_YEAR to 2099Sebastian Huber2-42/+9
This simplifies the implementation a bit. Declare _TOD_Days_to_date[] in <rtems/score/todimpl.h>. Make _TOD_Days_per_month[] and _TOD_Days_since_last_leap_year[] static. Update #4338.
11 daysscore: Limit the CLOCK_REALTIME settingSebastian Huber1-0/+14
Limit the CLOCK_REALTIME setting to ensure that the CLOCK_REALTIME is defined for a system uptime of at least 114 years.
2021-09-02Improve test of rtems_interrupt_get_affinity()Sebastian Huber1-18/+21
Use a CPU set which is larger than the internal processor set representation.
2021-09-02validation: Improve generated test codeSebastian Huber20-1331/+1679
Move the transition map members of the test context to a dedicated structure. Move the transition variant pre-condition prepare, action, and post-condition checks to a separate function to reduce the indentation level and allow skipping of transition variants.
2021-08-30psxtests/psxconfstr: Fix test caseSebastian Huber1-13/+12
Update #3373.
2021-08-30smpfatal01: Fix test time out on sparc/leon3Sebastian Huber1-1/+1
End the test on the processor which triggers the test condition. This avoids endless power down loops in the sparc/leon3 BSP.
2021-08-18confstr() support for RTEMSEshan dhawan5-0/+126
Closes #3373 confstr() style update Signed-off-by: Eshan Dhawan <>
2021-08-12score: Replace priority prepend it with an enumSebastian Huber1-33/+36
Use the new Priority_Group_order enum instead of a boolean to indicated if a priority should be inserted as the first or last node into its priority group. This makes the code more expressive. It is also a bit more efficient since a branch in _Scheduler_Node_set_priority() is avoided and a simple bitwise or operation can be used.
2021-08-11Test needed for timer_create with CLOCK_MONOTONCZacchaeus Leung2-0/+31
the timer_create() method can use CLOCK_MONOTONIC but there was no test for this. Also it implements the functionality to create a CLOCK_MONOTONIC timer and gettime() . Closes #3888
2021-08-09Turn off executable permissions for a number of source filesJoel Sherrill134-0/+0
Cloning under Cygwin turned off executable permission on these files. This shows them as modified even though they have not explicitly been touched. Executable permission should not have been on for these files so this is just a minor clean up.
2021-07-30sptests: CONFIGURE_MEMORY_PER_TASK_FOR_SCHEDULERSebastian Huber2-4/+0
Remove obsolete CONFIGURE_MEMORY_PER_TASK_FOR_SCHEDULER application configuration option which is unsupported since commit 69aa33490b1cd357519ab70b15ad150e11bb752e.
2021-07-29score: Change _SMP_Send_message() parameter typeSebastian Huber2-5/+11
Use the processor control to specify the target processor since this is what the callers have available.
2021-07-29score: Add _Per_CPU_Submit_job()Sebastian Huber2-10/+3
2021-07-28score: Simplify SMP processor state handlingSebastian Huber4-23/+61
The per-CPU states which control the SMP system initialization were added quite early during the SMP support development. Replace this initial implementation with a simplified one. There is no longer a global SMP lock required which serialized the state changes of all processors. The new implementation better integrates with the per-CPU jobs.
2021-07-28score: Remove processor event broadcast/receiveSebastian Huber5-12/+10
Remove _CPU_SMP_Processor_event_broadcast() and _CPU_SMP_Processor_event_receive(). These functions are hard to use since they are subject to the lost wake up problem.
2021-07-28score: Remove _Internal_errors_What_happenedSebastian Huber1-2/+0
Users have access to the fatal error source and code though the fatal error extension. The user-specific fatal error handling should be done in statically initialized fatal error handlers. The _Internal_errors_What_happened was updated after the fatal error extension. In addition, there was no API to get the information stored in _Internal_errors_What_happened. In SMP configurations, this object could contain a mix of different fatal errors. Remove this object to save some bytes of storage.
2021-07-26validation: Test rtems_interrupt_handler_iterate()Sebastian Huber1-0/+636
Update #3269.
2021-07-26validation: Test rtems_interrupt_set_affinity()Sebastian Huber1-0/+670
Update #3269.
2021-07-26validation: Test rtems_interrupt_get_affinity()Sebastian Huber1-0/+683
Update #3269.
2021-07-26validation: Test rtems_interrupt_raise_on()Sebastian Huber3-2/+721
Update #3269.
2021-07-26validation: Test rtems_interrupt_is_pending()Sebastian Huber1-0/+629
Update #3269.
2021-07-26validation: Test rtems_interrupt_clear()Sebastian Huber1-0/+586
Update #3269.
2021-07-26validation: Test rtems_interrupt_raise()Sebastian Huber1-0/+576
Update #3269.
2021-07-26validation: Test rtems_interrupt_entry_remove()Sebastian Huber1-0/+1432
Update #3269.
2021-07-26validation: Test rtems_interrupt_entry_install()Sebastian Huber1-0/+1364
Update #3269.
2021-07-26validation: Test rtems_interrupt_vector_disable()Sebastian Huber1-0/+632
Update #3269.
2021-07-26validation: Test rtems_interrupt_vector_enable()Sebastian Huber1-0/+638
Update #3269.
2021-07-26validation: rtems_interrupt_vector_is_enabled()Sebastian Huber1-0/+627
Update #3269.
2021-07-26validation: Test rtems_interrupt_get_attributes()Sebastian Huber1-0/+440
Update #3269.
2021-07-26validation: GetTestableInterruptVector()Sebastian Huber2-0/+49
Update #3269.
2021-07-26validation: GetValidInterruptVectorNumber()Sebastian Huber2-0/+31
Update #3269.
2021-07-26validation: HasInterruptVectorEntriesInstalled()Sebastian Huber2-0/+81
Update #3269.
2021-07-26validation: Add CallWithinISR()Sebastian Huber2-0/+148
Update #3269.
2021-07-26rtems: Add RTEMS_FATAL_SOURCE_SPURIOUS_INTERRUPTSebastian Huber1-1/+1
Add RTEMS_FATAL_SOURCE_SPURIOUS_INTERRUPT as the fatal source for spurious interrupts. Use the interrupt vector number of the spurious interrupt for the fatal code. Update #3269.
2021-07-15sparc: Prefer RTEMS_FATAL_SOURCE_EXCEPTIONSebastian Huber2-17/+55
Prefer RTEMS_FATAL_SOURCE_EXCEPTION over INTERNAL_ERROR_ILLEGAL_USE_OF_FLOATING_POINT_UNIT since the fatal code (rtems_exception_frame) provides more context.
2021-07-15spcoverage: Remove test programSebastian Huber5-85/+0
This program contained an optional test case. It was enabled by the RTEMS_COVERAGE define. The functions under test are not implemented by RTEMS.
2021-07-06Update test smpstrongapa01Richi Dubey1-19/+47
Update smpstrongapa01 to account for task shifting.
2021-06-24bsps/irq: Use BSP_INTERRUPT_VECTOR_COUNTSebastian Huber1-1/+1
2021-06-24smpcapture02: Fix use of BSP_INTERRUPT_VECTOR_MAXSebastian Huber1-1/+1
This define represents the last valid interrupt vector number. Update #3269.
2021-06-24bsps/irq: Remove BSP_INTERRUPT_VECTOR_MINSebastian Huber1-1/+1
Remove BSP_INTERRUPT_VECTOR_MIN and unconditionally let interrupt vector numbers start with zero. The BSP_INTERRUPT_VECTOR_MIN == 0 invariant was tested by the previous commit and building all BSPs. Update #3269.
2021-06-22i2c: Add non blocking read / writeChristian Mauderer1-1/+120
This adds the possibility to open an I2C bus with O_NONBLOCK (or set it later via fcntl) to get non-blocking transmissions. This means that if the bus is busy, a read, write or transfer ioctl will return with a EAGAIN errno.
2021-06-10score: Add PER_CPU_DATA_NEED_INITIALIZATION()Sebastian Huber2-0/+4
Make the initialization of the per-CPU data optional. Change license to BSD-2-Clause according to file history and re-licensing agreement. Update #3053.
2021-06-10splinkersets01: Test linker sets in librarySebastian Huber4-5/+45
Make sure that the linker sets work if placed in a library (this is how they are used in RTEMS).
2021-06-09sysconf: Remove sysconf(515)Ryan Long1-8/+0
GCC originally needed this 20 years ago. No longer needed, so it is being removed. Closes #4391
2021-06-08fsnofs01/init.c: Check for ENOENT from utime().Joel Sherrill1-3/+6
The addition of the entire *utime*() family of functions resulted in this call returning ENOENT not ENXIO. This is better aligned with the POSIX definition of the methods.
2021-05-28psx13: Added tests for utimensat() and futimens()Ryan Long2-22/+482
Improved tests for utime() and utimes() and update license. Close #4399
2021-05-28thread-API: Add rtems_*mutex_try_lockChristian Mauderer1-0/+79
This adds a rtems_mutex_try_lock and a rtems_recursive_mutex_try_lock. Update #4440.
2021-05-26posix: Allow pthread_cancel() from within ISRsSebastian Huber1-31/+45
Close #4413.
2021-05-20testsuites: Remove telnetd01Vijay Kumar Banerjee3-155/+0
telnetd01 test cannot be run without a network stack, so this test is being moved to the rtems-net-legacy repository.
2021-05-14rtems: Check entry point in rtems_task_start()Sebastian Huber1-0/+9
Close #4410.