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12 daysrtems: Use RTEMS_WHO_AM_I for rtems_task_ident()Sebastian Huber1-1/+1
2020-07-23libtest: <rtems/test.h> to <rtems/test-info.h>Sebastian Huber1-1/+1
Rename this header file to later move <t.h> to <rtems/test.h>. The main feature provided by <rtems/test-info.h> is the output of standard test information which is consumed by the RTEMS Tester. Update #3199.
2019-12-13rtems: Add and use rtems_object_get_local_node()Sebastian Huber1-1/+1
Update #3841.
2019-11-12samples: Avoid build system defined definesSebastian Huber3-0/+4
Update #3818.
2018-10-05tests: Use rtems_task_exit()Sebastian Huber1-1/+1
Update #3533.
2018-04-10testsuite/samples: Merged nested files into one Makefile.amChris Johns7-47/+0
This change is part of the testsuite reorganization. Update #3382
2017-11-06tests: Use simple console driverSebastian Huber1-1/+1
Update #3170. Update #3199.
2017-10-28tests: Remove TEST_INITSebastian Huber1-2/+0
The TEST_EXTERN is a used only by the system.h style tests and they use CONFIGURE_INIT appropriately. Update #3170. Update #3199.
2017-10-23testsuite: Use printk for all test output where possible.Chris Johns1-0/+2
- Remove the printf support leaving the direct printk support configured with TESTS_USE_PRINTK and all other output goes via a buffered vsniprintf call to printk. - Control the test's single init for functions and global data with TEST_INIT and not CONFIGURE_INIT. They are now separate. Updates #3170.
2016-06-16samples/base_mp/apptask.c: Fix warning and clean upJoel Sherrill1-12/+11
2016-03-29samples/base_mp: Check directive statusSebastian Huber1-1/+5
2014-03-27samples/base_mp: Include missing header fileSebastian Huber1-0/+2
2014-03-21Change all references of to Johns5-5/+5
2014-03-17tests/samples: Use <rtems/test.h>Sebastian Huber3-2/+7
2012-05-31samples - Eliminate missing prototype warningsJoel Sherrill1-13/+5
2012-05-11Remove All CVS Id Strings Possible Using a ScriptJoel Sherrill8-24/+0
Script does what is expected and tries to do it as smartly as possible. + remove occurrences of two blank comment lines next to each other after Id string line removed. + remove entire comment blocks which only exited to contain CVS Ids + If the processing left a blank line at the top of a file, it was removed.
2012-05-07Revert: Remove CVS IdsJoel Sherrill3-0/+12
See for details.
2012-05-04samples/base_mp - did not set LINK_OBJSJoel Sherrill2-2/+2
LINK_OBJS = instead of LINK_OBJS = $(mp01_node1_OBJECTS)
2012-05-04Remove CVS-Ids.Ralf Cors├ępius3-12/+0
2012-02-01Remove all .cvsignore files.Joel Sherrill3-6/+0
2011-12-082011-12-08 Joel Sherrill <>Joel Sherrill2-10/+2
PR 1589/build * base_mp/node1/, base_mp/node2/, base_sp/, capture/, cdtest/, fileio/, hello/, iostream/, loopback/, minimum/, nsecs/, paranoia/, pppd/, ticker/, unlimited/ Remove obsolete optional manager capability.
2011-02-22Add HAVE_CONFIG_H.Ralf Corsepius2-0/+8
2009-10-30Add -I$(top_srcdir)/../support/include.Ralf Corsepius2-0/+2
2009-10-30Use PRIxrtems_id to print rtems_ids.Ralf Corsepius1-2/+4
Include "tmacros.h".
2009-04-03Eliminate _exe_/.exe.Ralf Corsepius2-14/+14
2008-09-052008-09-05 Joel Sherrill <>Joel Sherrill2-2/+2
* base_mp/node1/, base_mp/node2/ Updating and fixing while running mptests on psim.
2006-07-11Eliminate scndir, docdir. Use rtems_testsdir instead.Ralf Corsepius2-8/+4
2005-11-13Convert to using *_PROGRAMS.Ralf Corsepius2-24/+18
2005-11-11Rework.Ralf Corsepius2-54/+14
2005-11-11Cosmetics.Ralf Corsepius2-6/+0
2005-11-11Hard-code node number.Ralf Corsepius2-16/+14
2005-11-11Eliminate TEST.Ralf Corsepius2-14/+12
2005-11-11Expand Corsepius2-2/+40
2005-11-10New.Ralf Corsepius4-0/+34
2005-11-10Remove.Ralf Corsepius4-34/+0
2005-11-10s/SAMPLE/TEST/ for improved consistency with other tests.Ralf Corsepius2-6/+4
2005-11-10s/SAMPLE/TEST/ for improved consistency with other tests.Ralf Corsepius2-2/+2
2005-11-10Remove redundant EXTRA_DIST.Ralf Corsepius1-2/+1
2005-11-07CleanupRalf Corsepius2-2/+2
2005-11-07Remove SRCS, PRINT_SRCS.Ralf Corsepius2-4/+0
2005-11-07Switch back to include instead of amcompile.amRalf Corsepius2-2/+2
2005-11-07Cleanup.Ralf Corsepius2-12/+2
2005-11-07Partial conversion to automake.Ralf Corsepius2-12/+12
2005-01-062005-01-06 Ralf Corsepius <>Ralf Corsepius2-2/+2
* base_mp/node1/, base_mp/node2/ Remove LIB_VARIANT.
2004-05-102004-05-10 Ralf Corsepius <>Ralf Corsepius2-10/+0
* Add CXX-checks. New conditionals CXXTESTS, MPTESTS, NETTESTS. Add iostream/. *, base_mp/node1/, base_mp/node2/ cdtest/, loopback/, pppd/ Reflect changes above. * cdtest/ Adaptation to new C++ standards.
2004-04-20Remove stray white spaces.Ralf Corsepius1-3/+3
2004-04-01 * base_mp/system.h: Include <rtems/confdefs.h> instead of <confdefs.h>.Ralf Corsepius1-1/+1
* base_sp/system.h: Include <rtems/confdefs.h> instead of <confdefs.h>. * cdtest/system.h: Include <rtems/confdefs.h> instead of <confdefs.h>. * fileio/system.h: Include <rtems/confdefs.h> instead of <confdefs.h>. * hello/system.h: Include <rtems/confdefs.h> instead of <confdefs.h>. * loopback/init.c: Include <rtems/confdefs.h> instead of <confdefs.h>. * minimum/init.c: Include <rtems/confdefs.h> instead of <confdefs.h>. * paranoia/system.h: Include <rtems/confdefs.h> instead of <confdefs.h>. * pppd/system.h: Include <rtems/confdefs.h> instead of <confdefs.h>. * ticker/system.h: Include <rtems/confdefs.h> instead of <confdefs.h>. * unlimited/system.h: Include <rtems/confdefs.h> instead of <confdefs.h>.
2004-01-142004-01-14 Ralf Corsepius <>Ralf Corsepius2-0/+4
* base_mp/node1/ Re-add dirstamps to PRE/TMPINSTALL_FILES. Add PRE/TMPINSTALL_FILES to CLEANFILES. * base_mp/node2/ Ditto. * base_sp/ Ditto. * cdtest/ Ditto. * fileio/ Ditto. * hello/ Ditto. * loopback/ Ditto. * minimum/ Ditto. * paranoia/ Ditto. * pppd/ Ditto. * ticker/ Ditto. * unlimited/ Ditto.
2003-12-172003-12-17 Ralf Corsepius <>Ralf Corsepius2-8/+10
* base_mp/node1/, base_mp/node2/ Eliminate VPATH.
2003-12-012003-12-01 Ralf Corsepius <>Ralf Corsepius3-5/+2
* base_mp/ Reformat. * base_mp/node1/ Remove all-local: $(ARCH). * base_mp/node2/ Remove all-local: $(ARCH). * base_sp/ Remove all-local: $(ARCH). * cdtest/ Remove all-local: $(ARCH). * fileio/ Remove all-local: $(ARCH). * hello/ Remove all-local: $(ARCH). * loopback/ Remove all-local: $(ARCH). * minimum/ Remove all-local: $(ARCH). * paranoia/ Remove all-local: $(ARCH). * pppd/ Remove all-local: $(ARCH). * ticker/ Remove all-local: $(ARCH). * unlimited/ Remove all-local: $(ARCH).