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* psxtests: Fix math function build warningsStephen Clark2021-05-0560-0/+231
| | | | | Added conditionals to ensure that long double function tests were only built when newlib has long double math functions.
* Move feature macro before "config.h" includeSebastian Huber2019-12-023-3/+6
| | | | | | | This allows to use header includes in "config.h" to reduce the build configuration checks. Update #3818.
* psxtests: Remove bogus fileSebastian Huber2019-02-121-38/+0
| | | | | | This file is unused and makes trouble on Windows. Updates #3638.
* psxhdrs: Changed the Copyright license to BSD-2-Clause .Pritish Jain2018-12-13192-2900/+5012
| | | | | The Copyright clause has been changed to BSD-2-Clause for all the tests in the header files math.h , utime.h , fmtmsg.h and sys/ipc.h .
* psxhdrs: Add POSIX Conformance Tests for math.h (GCI 2018)Shashvat Jain2018-12-06193-0/+7305
Includes API tests for y0l, y1l, and ynl which are in glibc but not in POSIX or newlib. They are disabled until further investigation as to compatibility requirements are determined per the referenced ticket. Updates #3638.