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2005-11-09Remove (Unused).Ralf Corsepius1-13/+0
2004-03-252004-03-25 Ralf Corsepius <>Ralf Corsepius1-1/+1
* aclocal/enable-bare.m4, aclocal/enable-cxx.m4, aclocal/enable-itron.m4, aclocal/enable-multiprocessing.m4, aclocal/enable-networking.m4, aclocal/enable-posix.m4, aclocal/enable-tests.m4, aclocal/multilib.m4, aclocal/rtems-test-no-pause.m4: Autoupdate to autoconf-2.59.
2003-11-262003-11-26 Ralf Corsepius <>Ralf Corsepius1-1/+1
* aclocal/canonical-target-name.m4, aclocal/canonicalize-tools.m4, aclocal/check-custom-bsp.m4, aclocal/check-cxx.m4, aclocal/check-itron.m4, aclocal/check-multiprocessing.m4, aclocal/check-networking.m4, aclocal/check-posix.m4, aclocal/check-tool.m4, aclocal/config-subdirs.m4, aclocal/enable-bare.m4, aclocal/enable-cxx.m4, aclocal/enable-itron.m4, aclocal/enable-multiprocessing.m4, aclocal/enable-networking.m4, aclocal/enable-posix.m4, aclocal/enable-rtemsbsp.m4, aclocal/enable-tests.m4, aclocal/env-rtemsbsp.m4, aclocal/gcc-isystem.m4, aclocal/gcc-pipe.m4, aclocal/gcc-specs.m4, aclocal/multilib.m4, aclocal/path-ksh.m4, aclocal/prog-cc.m4, aclocal/prog-cxx.m4, aclocal/project-root.m4, aclocal/rtems-test-no-pause.m4, aclocal/rtems-top.m4, aclocal/target.m4, aclocal/tool-paths.m4: Fix underquoting to silence automake-1.8.
2003-08-182003-08-17 Ralf Corsepius <>Ralf Corsepius1-2/+0
* aclocal/bsp-alias.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/canonical-host.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/canonicalize-tools.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/canonical-target-name.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/check-cpu.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/check-custom-bsp.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/check-cxx.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/check-itron.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/check-multiprocessing.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/check-networking.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/check-posix.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/check-tool.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/config-subdirs.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/enable-bare.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/enable-cxx.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/enable-itron.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/enable-multiprocessing.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/enable-networking.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/enable-posix.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/enable-rtemsbsp.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/enable-tests.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/env-rtemsbsp.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/gcc-isystem.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/gcc-pipe.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/gcc-specs.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/multilib.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/path-ksh.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/prog-cc.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/prog-cxx.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/project-root.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/quoting.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/rtems-cpu-subdirs.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/rtems-flags.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/rtems-test-no-pause.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/rtems-top.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/target.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/tool-paths.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/version.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal).
2002-10-292002-10-29 Ralf Corsepius <>Ralf Corsepius1-1/+1
* aclocal/enable-bare.m4: Improve quoting of AC_HELP_STRING. * aclocal/enable-cxx.m4: Improve quoting of AC_HELP_STRING. * aclocal/enable-inlines.m4: Improve quoting of AC_HELP_STRING. * aclocal/enable-itron.m4: Improve quoting of AC_HELP_STRING. * aclocal/enable-multiprocessing.m4: Improve quoting of AC_HELP_STRING. * aclocal/enable-networking.m4: Improve quoting of AC_HELP_STRING. * aclocal/enable-posix.m4: Improve quoting of AC_HELP_STRING. * aclocal/enable-rdbg.m4: Improve quoting of AC_HELP_STRING. * aclocal/enable-rtemsbsp.m4: Improve quoting of AC_HELP_STRING. * aclocal/enable-tests.m4: Improve quoting of AC_HELP_STRING. (autoconf > 2.54 seems to have problems with the old form of quoting).
2001-09-132001-07-19 Ralf Corsepius <>Joel Sherrill1-1/+1
* autoupdate to autoconf-2.52. * bootstrap: Add handling for, make autoheader verbose, fix auto*tool invocation order. * aclocal/rtems-test-no-pause.m4: Introduce AC_HELP_STRING. * aclocal/enable-bare.m4: Introduce AC_HELP_STRING. * aclocal/enable-cxx.m4: Introduce AC_HELP_STRING. * aclocal/enable-gcc28: Introduce AC_HELP_STRING. * aclocal/enable-inlines.m4: Introduce AC_HELP_STRING. * aclocal/enable-itron.m4: Introduce AC_HELP_STRING. * aclocal/enable-libcdir.m4: Introduce AC_HELP_STRING. * aclocal/enable-multiprocessing.m4: Introduce AC_HELP_STRING. * aclocal/enable-networking.m4: Introduce AC_HELP_STRING. * aclocal/enable-posix.m4: Introduce AC_HELP_STRING. * aclocal/enable-rdbg.m4: Introduce AC_HELP_STRING. * aclocal/enable-rtemsbsp.m4: Introduce AC_HELP_STRING. * aclocal/enable-tests.m4: Introduce AC_HELP_STRING. * aclocal/env-rtemsbsp.m4: Add AC_ARC_VAR(RTEMS_BSP), apply true in RTEMS_CONFIG_PER_BSP conditional. * aclocal/multilib.m4: Introduce AC_HELP_STRING. * aclocal/rtems-debug.m4: Introduce AC_HELP_STRING. * aclocal/rtems-top.m4: Add AC_PREFIX_DEFAULT(/opt/rtems).
1999-11-23Miscellaneous patches from Ralf Corsepius <>Joel Sherrill1-1/+1
that are part of the conversion effort but were missed in the previous commits.
1999-10-04Patch from Ralf Corsepius <>:Joel Sherrill1-0/+2
The patch below actuallly consists of two patches: 1) moving librpc to c/src/librpc similar to what has been done to librtems++ 2) reworked configure scripts, many safety and dependency checks added to aclocal/*.m4 macros + configuration fixes. To apply: mkdir c/src/librpc mkdir c/src/librpc/src cp c/src/lib/librpc/*.c c/src/librpc/src cp c/src/lib/librpc/ c/src/librpc/src mkdir c/src/librpc/include mkdir c/src/librpc/include/rpc cp c/src/lib/include/rpc/* c/src/librpc/include/rpc patch -p1 < ../rtems-rc-19990820-7.diff rm -rf c/src/lib/librpc rm -rf c/src/lib/include/rpc ./autogen The additional checks in aclocal/*m4 macros add rather restrictive, sometimes unnecessarily restrictive constraints on the sequence of how macros can be used in a script. Adding them has let my problems with some more complicated configuration options vanish. Apparently some macros had not been in the required order . ---- Now I still get some linking errors for some cpus and bsps, esp when linking cdtest, but also at other locations: e.g. this happens for mips64orion/p4600: # make[5]: Entering directory `/lfs/poseidon/users/rtems/src/multi/build/mips64orion-rtems/c/p4600/tests/samples/hello' /opt/rtems/bin/mips64orion-rtems-gcc --pipe -B../../../../../../p4600/lib/ -specs bsp_specs -qrtems -DP4000 -DCPU_R4000 -DP3_DIAG -D_R4000 -D__mips=3 -mcpu=4600 -G0 -I../../../../../../p4600/lib/include/networking -g -Wall -ansi -fasm -O4 -fomit-frame-pointer -o o-p4600/hello.exe o-p4600/init.o ../../../../../../p4600/lib/no-dpmem.rel ../../../../../../p4600/lib/no-event.rel ../../../../../../p4600/lib/no-msg.rel ../../../../../../p4600/lib/no-mp.rel ../../../../../../p4600/lib/no-part.rel ../../../../../../p4600/lib/no-signal.rel ../../../../../../p4600/lib/no-timer.rel ../../../../../../p4600/lib/no-rtmon.rel /opt/rtems/mips64orion-rtems/lib/libc.a(dtoa.o): In function `_dtoa_r': /opt/hermes/embedded/build/build-mips64orion-tools/mips64orion-rtems/newlib/libc/stdlib/../../../../../src/newlib/libc/stdlib/dtoa.c:348: relocation truncated to fit: R_MIPS_LITERAL no symbol /opt/hermes/embedded/build/build-mips64orion-tools/mips64orion-rtems/newlib/libc/stdlib/../../../../../src/newlib/libc/stdlib/dtoa.c:348: relocation truncated to fit: R_MIPS_LITERAL no symbol /opt/hermes/embedded/build/build-mips64orion-tools/mips64orion-rtems/newlib/libc/stdlib/../../../../../src/newlib/libc/stdlib/dtoa.c:348: relocation truncated to fit: R_MIPS_LITERAL no symbol collect2: ld returned 1 exit status # mips64orion-rtems-gcc -v Reading specs from /opt/rtems/lib/gcc-lib/mips64orion-rtems/2.95.1/specs gcc version 2.95.1 19990816 (release) # mips64orion-rtems-ld -v GNU ld version 2.9.5 (with BFD 2.9.5)
1999-03-29 Patch from Ralf Corsepius <>:Joel Sherrill1-0/+1
Yet some more modifications, I would recommend to be considered before releasing a snapshot: 1. Cleanup to aclocal/ cvs rm -f aclocal/cygwin.m4 cvs rm -f aclocal/exeext.m4 They are neither used nor needed anymore, however they also don't disturb (we use autoconf-2.13's AC_EXEEXT instead, now) ---------- 2. rtems-rc-19990328-0.diff Some (minor) bug-fixes: * make/Templates/ use the new installation directory ($(prefix)/ instead of $(prefix)/rtems/) * c/src/exec/score/tools/generic/ added line to include * c/src/exec/score/tools/*/ added CVS Id header ---------- 3. rtems-rc-19990328-1.diff Enhancements and cleanups to autogen,, etc. * autogen: Use the file "VERSION" to detect RTEMS toplevel directory, extended usage-message, use "find -print" * c/update-tools/cipolish: New script to beautify scripts * c/update-tools/ Use the file "VERSION" to detect RTEMS toplevel directory, extended usage-message, added variable for perl scripts' subdirectory, use "find -print", cipolish support, new options -ac -am -ci. * aclocal/*.m4, moved some AC_SUBST lines to aclocal/*.m4 (reduces size of scripts, eases splitting scripts). ----------
1999-03-19Towards automake VIII patch from Ralf Corsepius <>:Joel Sherrill1-0/+12
OK, I 've made up my mind to cut a big chunk of my automake-patches (:-). Below you can find a drop-in replacement of the aclocal directory. It contains a lot of new macro files, most of them are directly cut from rtems top-level configure script, some are new some are identical to former versions. The motivation behind these files is to reuse parts from rtems current top-level script in up-coming subdirectory scripts. I'd like to ask you to untar the archive ontop of the source tree and to add/commit these files to CVS. Adding these files should not have any influence on RTEMS momentary configuration (except of you are required to run aclocal -I aclocal && autoconf afterwards), because most of them currently are not used at all. --------- BTW: Please upgrade to autoconf-2.13 and automake-2.4, if you havn't done this already (egcs/CVS require them, too). My upcoming automake files require automake-2.4 which requires autoconf-2.13 or later.