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2005-11-09Remove (Unused).Ralf Corsepius1-16/+0
2004-11-222004-11-22 Ralf Corsepius <>Ralf Corsepius1-22/+1
* aclocal/enable-itron.m4, aclocal/check-itron.m4: Allow building itron for unix.
2003-11-262003-11-26 Ralf Corsepius <>Ralf Corsepius1-2/+2
* aclocal/canonical-target-name.m4, aclocal/canonicalize-tools.m4, aclocal/check-custom-bsp.m4, aclocal/check-cxx.m4, aclocal/check-itron.m4, aclocal/check-multiprocessing.m4, aclocal/check-networking.m4, aclocal/check-posix.m4, aclocal/check-tool.m4, aclocal/config-subdirs.m4, aclocal/enable-bare.m4, aclocal/enable-cxx.m4, aclocal/enable-itron.m4, aclocal/enable-multiprocessing.m4, aclocal/enable-networking.m4, aclocal/enable-posix.m4, aclocal/enable-rtemsbsp.m4, aclocal/enable-tests.m4, aclocal/env-rtemsbsp.m4, aclocal/gcc-isystem.m4, aclocal/gcc-pipe.m4, aclocal/gcc-specs.m4, aclocal/multilib.m4, aclocal/path-ksh.m4, aclocal/prog-cc.m4, aclocal/prog-cxx.m4, aclocal/project-root.m4, aclocal/rtems-test-no-pause.m4, aclocal/rtems-top.m4, aclocal/target.m4, aclocal/tool-paths.m4: Fix underquoting to silence automake-1.8.
2003-10-022003-10-02 Ralf Corsepius <>Ralf Corsepius1-1/+1
* RTEMS_CHECK_CPU. * aclocal/check-cpu.m4: Remove. * aclocal/check-cxx.m4, aclocal/check-itron.m4, aclocal/check-multiprocessing.m4, aclocal/check-networking.m4, aclocal/check-posix.m4: AC_REQUIRE RTEMS_CANONICAL_TARGET_CPU instead of RTEMS_CHECK_CPU.
2003-08-182003-08-17 Ralf Corsepius <>Ralf Corsepius1-0/+0
* aclocal/bsp-alias.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/canonical-host.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/canonicalize-tools.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/canonical-target-name.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/check-cpu.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/check-custom-bsp.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/check-cxx.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/check-itron.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/check-multiprocessing.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/check-networking.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/check-posix.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/check-tool.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/config-subdirs.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/enable-bare.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/enable-cxx.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/enable-itron.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/enable-multiprocessing.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/enable-networking.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/enable-posix.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/enable-rtemsbsp.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/enable-tests.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/env-rtemsbsp.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/gcc-isystem.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/gcc-pipe.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/gcc-specs.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/multilib.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/path-ksh.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/prog-cc.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/prog-cxx.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/project-root.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/quoting.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/rtems-cpu-subdirs.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/rtems-flags.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/rtems-test-no-pause.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/rtems-top.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/target.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/tool-paths.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal). * aclocal/version.m4: New (Copied from ../../../aclocal).
2000-07-13Patch rtems-rc-20000713-1-cvs.diff from Ralf Corsepius <>Joel Sherrill1-0/+3
that is yet another multilib-related structual cleanup patch: Changes: * Make RTEMS_TEST_NO_PAUSE a tests/ subpackage specific option. - Remove RTEMS_TEST_NO_PAUSE from custom/*.cfg, targopts.h and cpuopts.h. - Add autoconf macros RTEMS_*_RTEMS_TEST_NO_PAUSE (aclocal/rtems-test-no-pause.m4). - Add RTEMS_*_RTEMS_TEST_NO_PAUSE support to sptests/configure.ins and tmtests/ These are the only subdirectories which currently apply RTEMS_TEST_NO_PAUSE. - Add autoconf-DEFS support to all test subpackages' configure.ins below tests/. I.e. AC_DEFINES now get explicitly propagated as preprocessor defines into Makefiles, cf. AM_CPPFLAGS in tests/*/*.am, instead of using a global config-files. - Remove NDEBUG from custom/*.cfg. * AC_DEFINE POSIX_API, ITRON_API and MULTIPROCESSING in exec/, only. - All other sources now should relay on the values from cpuopts.h and should not define them themselves. - Several related changes to many configure.ins * Bug-fixes to RTEMS_*_RTEMS_DEBUG macros (Actually workarounds to quoting bugs in autoconf). Notes: * This patch is rather immature and only tested for a small subset of BSPs (requires the tests to be enabled and therefore takes an tremendous amount of disc space and time.) * The patches to *cfg were generated by a script. Expect file formating changes :)
2000-07-06Patch rtems-rc-20000705-3.diff from Ralf Corsepius <>Joel Sherrill1-1/+6
that is a somewhat experimental, multilib-related patch: Changes: * Use RTEMS_ENV_RTEMSCPU instead of RTEMS_ENV_RTEMSBSP in configure.ins below exec/. At the moment, RTEMS_ENV_RTEMSCPU is more or less an optical change to emphasize that these subdirectories shall not depend on RTEMS_BSP than a real behavioral change. * Add AC_DEFINE_* to several aclocal/*.m4 macros to prepare autoheader/autoconf generated targopts.h and similiar configuration headers. * c/src/ remove exec from cfg_subdirs if multilibs are enabled (c/src is build per bsp, exec shall be build per cpu in c/ or from the toplevel in future, when multilibs are enabled.) Notes: * This patch should not have any impact on the current building scheme. * --enable-multilib still does not work. * running bootstrap from the toplevel directory is required. CVS: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- CVS: Enter Log. Lines beginning with `CVS:' are removed automatically CVS: CVS: Committing in . CVS: CVS: Modified Files: CVS: c/src/tests/libtests/termios/init.c CVS: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
1999-11-09This patch adds the basic framework for the ITRON 3.0 API implementationJoel Sherrill1-0/+29
for RTEMS.