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2021-10-20spec/aarch64: Enable previously unbuildable testsKinsey Moore1-3/+0
The spconfig01 and spmisc01 tests were disabled for all AArch64 BSPs due to a toolchain issue preventing them from compiling correctly. The binutils version that contains the fix has been released and integrated into RSB such that these two tests now build and operate correctly.
2021-08-18build: Merge default-by-family into by-variantSebastian Huber1-1/+0
Prefix the BSP family name with "bsps/" to make it distinct to the BSP variant names. Update #4468.
2021-07-15build: Use BSP family for optionsChris Johns1-0/+1
- Optionally add support for 'default-by-family' to allow option to be set by a family and so all related BSPs Close #4468
2021-05-27spec/aarch64: Add BSPs for real ZynqMP hardwareKinsey Moore1-0/+18
Add the BSPs for running on the ZU3EG Ultrascale+ Zynq MPSoC and alter the option defaults necessary for them to run properly using the standard BOOT.BIN configured for PetaLinux that comes in the Out-of-Box package.