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* irq/arm-gicv3.h: Customize CPU Interface initSebastian Huber2022-07-122-1/+2
* build: Add cppflags, cflags, cxxflags to groupsSebastian Huber2022-07-041-0/+3
* aarch64: always boot into EL1NSGedare Bloom2022-01-121-2/+0
* build: Use common objects item for get memorySebastian Huber2021-11-302-1/+2
* aarch64: Break out MMU definitionsKinsey Moore2021-11-011-0/+1
* spec/aarch64: Enable previously unbuildable testsKinsey Moore2021-10-201-4/+0
* build: Merge default-by-family into by-variantSebastian Huber2021-08-186-6/+0
* build: Use BSP family for optionsChris Johns2021-07-156-0/+6
* bsps/aarch64: add non-secure mode and versal supportGedare Bloom2021-06-241-0/+2
* bsps/a53: Increase available RAMKinsey Moore2021-05-271-1/+1
* spec/aarch64: Enable previously disabled testsAlex White2021-03-081-9/+1
* spec/aarch64: Remove sp37 from intermittent testsAlex White2021-03-051-1/+0
* bsps/aarch64: Resolve usage of SUBALIGN()Kinsey Moore2021-03-051-1/+0
* validation: Fix for 64-bit targetsSebastian Huber2021-03-041-3/+0
* bsps: Add default rtems_get_target_hash()Sebastian Huber2021-02-261-0/+1
* build: Sort source listsSebastian Huber2021-02-241-6/+6
* bsps: Use header file for GIC architecture supportSebastian Huber2020-12-231-1/+0
* spec/a53: Fix SPDX linesKinsey Moore2020-12-022-4/+4
* bsps: Move ARM GICv2 driver to bsps/sharedKinsey Moore2020-12-021-1/+1
* spec/a53: Set conditionally failing test stateKinsey Moore2020-11-241-14/+22
* spec/aarch64: Only apply SUBALIGN(4) to ILP32Kinsey Moore2020-11-231-0/+1
* build: Fix formatSebastian Huber2020-10-126-12/+12
* bsps: Add Cortex-A53 ILP32 BSP variantKinsey Moore2020-10-053-1/+96
* bsps: Add Cortex-A53 LP64 basic BSPKinsey Moore2020-10-0510-0/+303