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1999-07-26 Patch from Ralf Corsepius <>:Joel Sherrill1-12/+0
1999-07-26This is part of a major patch from Ralf Corsepius <>Joel Sherrill1-21/+204
1999-07-15Added shell of information on resources for embedded information.Joel Sherrill3-1/+44
1999-07-15Corrections from Chris Johns <>.Joel Sherrill1-4/+4
1999-07-15Added information on hardware to aid in debugging. Primarily this isJoel Sherrill5-4/+95
1999-07-14New file.Joel Sherrill1-0/+19
1999-07-13Added comment on where this manager came from.Joel Sherrill1-1/+2
1999-07-13Update from Jeff Mayes, Jennifer Averett, and Suzie Provitt.Joel Sherrill1-17/+160
1999-07-13Update including fixes for my comments from Xiangyang Wu <>Joel Sherrill1-734/+858
1999-07-13Added section on Free Software that Supports RTEMS.Joel Sherrill3-1/+79
1999-07-09changed version to 19990709Joel Sherrill1-1/+1
1999-07-09Updated versionJoel Sherrill3-11/+11
1999-07-09Added information on the workspace versus heap.Joel Sherrill1-0/+5
1999-07-08Some cleanup to make it format better. Compensated for multiple servicesJoel Sherrill1-31/+142
1999-07-08First draft from Xiangyang Wu <>.Joel Sherrill1-12/+351
1999-07-06From Fei Ling <>.Joel Sherrill1-19/+524
1999-07-03Added a lot of information on confdefs.tJoel Sherrill1-16/+367
1999-07-03Added documentation on "two new SOL_SOCKET level options for setsockopt andJoel Sherrill2-4/+68
1999-07-03Removed concept of distribution level.Joel Sherrill27-35/+10
1999-07-03Changed System Database routines to implemented.Joel Sherrill1-10/+10
1999-07-01Added error status for bad return pointer argument on rtems_task_set_priority.Joel Sherrill1-0/+1
1999-07-01Corrected formatting so argument was in code font.Joel Sherrill1-1/+1
1999-07-01Fixed reference to initialize_executive to use the current name.Joel Sherrill1-1/+2
1999-07-01Filled in.Joel Sherrill1-10/+30
1999-07-01Cleaned up and much neater.Joel Sherrill1-19/+33
1999-06-18Corrected and fleshed out.Joel Sherrill1-43/+2
1999-06-15Directives -> services.Joel Sherrill1-4/+4
1999-06-15Some stuff added.Joel Sherrill1-38/+131
1999-06-15Significantly enhanced. At least the per routine pages for this chapterJoel Sherrill1-59/+349
1999-06-11Added information on pathname evaluation.Joel Sherrill1-1/+14
1999-06-04Significantly cleaned up to make a much better starting point for theJoel Sherrill13-249/+361
1999-06-04Added much of the text required to turn this into a real chapter.Joel Sherrill1-52/+195
1999-05-26New file.Joel Sherrill1-0/+4
1999-05-26Made the gen_section more accurate.Joel Sherrill13-253/+257
1999-05-26Prototypes are now based on how the TRON specification states them.Joel Sherrill11-83/+166
1999-05-26Basic prototypes are now included.Joel Sherrill1-1/+6
1999-05-26Regenerated to include more information in the stub. Now they haveJoel Sherrill12-180/+184
1999-05-26Changed word "directive" to "system call."Joel Sherrill1-1/+1
1999-05-26Added error codes to all service callsJoel Sherrill1-14/+190
1999-05-26Corrected error code section.Joel Sherrill12-168/+0
1999-05-26Replaced error code section.Joel Sherrill12-252/+84
1999-05-26Enhanced.Joel Sherrill1-63/+156
1999-05-20Initial revisionJoel Sherrill16-0/+4561
1999-05-14Fixed typo.Joel Sherrill1-1/+1
1999-05-14Added tool hints.Joel Sherrill3-1/+12
1999-05-14New file.Joel Sherrill1-0/+47
1999-04-23Fixed Makefile to avoid copying the file to a new name.Joel Sherrill1-1/+0
1999-04-23Changed date.Joel Sherrill7-28/+27
1999-04-23Switched to full doc set.Joel Sherrill1-1/+30
1999-04-20Updated to reflect inclusion of IRQ test in ada examples.Joel Sherrill1-3/+7