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* If the _VBR is set to 0xFFFFFFFF, then assume the vector jump table isJoel Sherrill2000-08-011-1/+10
* Updated copyright notice.Joel Sherrill1999-11-171-2/+1
* m68k software interrupt stack support from Chris Johns and Eric Norum.Joel Sherrill1998-03-251-4/+0
* updated copyright to 1998Joel Sherrill1998-02-171-1/+1
* Fixed typo in the pointer to the license terms.Joel Sherrill1997-10-081-2/+2
* Added support for context switching the data used by the gcc m68kJoel Sherrill1997-05-281-0/+29
* headers updated to reflect new style copyright notice as partJoel Sherrill1997-04-221-5/+5
* Added FPSP support for MC68040Joel Sherrill1997-04-161-2/+19
* Replaced warning message for cpus which do not have hardware supportJoel Sherrill1997-04-071-2/+3
* fixed comments on vanilla 68000 SW interrupt stack (or the lack thereof)Joel Sherrill1997-01-151-1/+2
* Update from Chris Johns <> to add better support forJoel Sherrill1996-12-021-3/+19
* posix support initially addedJoel Sherrill1995-09-261-1/+1
* Removed unneeded referenced to rtems/fatal.hJoel Sherrill1995-09-221-1/+0
* Incorporated the submission from John S. GwynneJoel Sherrill1995-09-191-22/+24
* The word "RTEMS" almost completely removed from the core.Joel Sherrill1995-09-111-4/+15
* Ada95, gnat, go32Joel Sherrill1995-07-121-30/+42
* incorporated mc68302 supportJoel Sherrill1995-06-071-0/+23
* Initial revisionJoel Sherrill1995-05-111-0/+97