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1999-11-17New shell of a test for ITRON Mailbox Manager.Joel Sherrill7-1/+154
1999-11-17Updated Mailbox Manager submitted and split into multiple files.Joel Sherrill11-344/+470
1999-11-17Update from Andrew D. McDowell <> with modificationsJoel Sherrill1-7/+257
1999-11-16Fixed screen.Joel Sherrill1-1/+1
1999-11-16Added TERMINAL_IDENTIFICATION pieces.Joel Sherrill1-3/+4
1999-11-16Fixed alignment problem on _endtext.Joel Sherrill1-0/+1
1999-11-16Moved task_variable pointer to basic shared part of TCB instead ofJoel Sherrill5-38/+26
1999-11-16Added proper nesting level for dispatch disable check.Joel Sherrill3-3/+3
1999-11-16Added code so if dispatching level is specified to be -1, then noJoel Sherrill1-1/+1
1999-11-16Corrected nesting level on dispatching verification.Joel Sherrill1-1/+1
1999-11-16Corrected disable dispatch nesting count checks.Joel Sherrill1-7/+7
1999-11-16Added check to return passed if task is not suspended.Jennifer Averett2-1/+7
1999-11-16Added code to catch the error of suspend count exceding the counter value.Jennifer Averett1-0/+4
1999-11-16Fixed bug.Jennifer Averett2-6/+6
1999-11-16Added handler for fsync. For the memfile it is the same as the data sync.Jennifer Averett3-3/+3
1999-11-16Fixed typo.Joel Sherrill1-1/+1
1999-11-16Inserted output from the erc32 run into the output file.Jennifer Averett1-3/+71
1999-11-16Use miniIMFS like hello from samples.Joel Sherrill1-0/+2
1999-11-16Increased stack space because message buffers are on the stack.Joel Sherrill1-0/+1
1999-11-16Removed leading space from output.Jennifer Averett2-4/+4
1999-11-16Added comment indicating that dup is known to be broken.Jennifer Averett1-1/+1
1999-11-16Added data to the log file so it matches the real output.Jennifer Averett1-3/+61
1999-11-16Added comment to log file indicating that task order is notJennifer Averett1-1/+3
1999-11-16Added test case of rsm_tsk and frsm_tsk on a task not suspended.Jennifer Averett2-3/+14
1999-11-16Added code to the macros which checked directive status to alsoJoel Sherrill1-20/+44
1999-11-16Use the miniIMFS to reduce code space.Joel Sherrill1-0/+2
1999-11-16Added test cases for uname().Joel Sherrill2-0/+25
1999-11-16Web server uses the POSIX API. Therefor, it must be disabled when theJoel Sherrill4-3/+26
1999-11-16Removed start subdirectory and distributed contents to the appropriateJoel Sherrill3-10/+3
1999-11-16Added comments.Joel Sherrill3-3/+10
1999-11-16Now use _Thread_Reset().Joel Sherrill1-19/+4
1999-11-16Added threadreset.c.Joel Sherrill1-1/+1
1999-11-16Added prototype for _Thread_Reset() and numerous comments.Joel Sherrill1-4/+28
1999-11-16Only check for System V IPC if multiprocessing is enabled. The unixJoel Sherrill3-2/+15
1999-11-16Fixed so can be included multiple times in the executive source.Joel Sherrill1-0/+9
1999-11-16Works now.Joel Sherrill3-57/+36
1999-11-16Return a reasonable error other than ENOSYS.Joel Sherrill1-1/+1
1999-11-16Added call to _Watchdog_Remove to remove the sporadic timer. It wasJoel Sherrill1-0/+1
1999-11-16Moved utsname from "build for now" (unimplemented files) to the mainJoel Sherrill1-4/+5
1999-11-16Comment fixed when adding prototype forJoel Sherrill1-2/+11
1999-11-16New file.Joel Sherrill1-0/+66
1999-11-16Patch rtems-rc-19991105-1.diff.gz from Ralf CorsepiusJoel Sherrill13-37/+102
1999-11-16Modified file to match seen output.Jennifer Averett1-92/+161
1999-11-16Modified output file to match seen output. Added comment to all inoJennifer Averett1-306/+282
1999-11-16Removed compiler warning.Jennifer Averett1-1/+1
1999-11-16Changed asserts to tmmacros.Jennifer Averett2-8/+7
1999-11-16Updated scn file to match new output. Left out unemplementedJennifer Averett1-17/+12
1999-11-16+ Changed ID to 1. ( Compilation error introduced by modifications. )Jennifer Averett1-1/+1
1999-11-16Modified scan file to match.Jennifer Averett1-2/+2