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2007-08-022007-08-02 Joel Sherrill <>Joel Sherrill8-540/+0
*, wrapup/ Remove RDBG. * aclocal/check-rdbg.m4, aclocal/enable-rdbg.m4, librdbg/.cvsignore, librdbg/, librdbg/, librdbg/include/rdbg/rdbg.h, librdbg/include/rdbg/servrpc.h, librdbg/include/rdbg/i386/rdbg_f.h, librdbg/include/rdbg/i386/reg.h, librdbg/include/rdbg/m68k/rdbg_f.h, librdbg/include/rdbg/m68k/reg.h, librdbg/include/rdbg/powerpc/rdbg_f.h, librdbg/include/rdbg/powerpc/reg.h, librdbg/src/_servtgt.c, librdbg/src/awk.svc, librdbg/src/excep.c, librdbg/src/ptrace.c, librdbg/src/rdbg.c, librdbg/src/remdeb.x, librdbg/src/servbkpt.c, librdbg/src/servcon.c, librdbg/src/servrpc.c, librdbg/src/servtgt.c, librdbg/src/servtsp.c, librdbg/src/servutil.c, librdbg/src/i386/excep_f.c, librdbg/src/i386/rdbg_cpu_asm.S, librdbg/src/i386/rdbg_f.c, librdbg/src/i386/any/remdeb.h, librdbg/src/i386/any/remdeb_f.x, librdbg/src/i386/any/remdeb_svc.c, librdbg/src/i386/any/remdeb_xdr.c, librdbg/src/m68k/excep_f.c, librdbg/src/m68k/rdbg_cpu_asm.S, librdbg/src/m68k/rdbg_f.c, librdbg/src/m68k/any/remdeb.h, librdbg/src/m68k/any/remdeb_f.x, librdbg/src/m68k/any/remdeb_svc.c, librdbg/src/m68k/any/remdeb_xdr.c, librdbg/src/powerpc/excep_f.c, librdbg/src/powerpc/rdbg_cpu_asm.S, librdbg/src/powerpc/rdbg_f.c, librdbg/src/powerpc/new_exception_processing/remdeb.h, librdbg/src/powerpc/new_exception_processing/remdeb_f.x, librdbg/src/powerpc/new_exception_processing/remdeb_svc.c, librdbg/src/powerpc/new_exception_processing/remdeb_xdr.c: Removed.
2004-04-15Remove stray white spaces.Ralf Corsepius8-20/+0
2004-02-132004-02-13 Ralf Corsepius <>Ralf Corsepius8-138/+0
* librdbg/include/ Merge-in librdbg/include/rdbg/i386/, librdbg/include/rdbg/m68k/, librdbg/include/rdbg/, librdbg/include/rdbg/powerpc/ * librdbg/include/rdbg/i386/, librdbg/include/rdbg/m68k/, librdbg/include/rdbg/, librdbg/include/rdbg/powerpc/ Remove. * Reflect changes above.
2004-01-212004-01-21 Ralf Corsepius <>Ralf Corsepius4-4/+12
* include/rdbg/ Add PREINSTALL_DIRS. * include/rdbg/i386/ Add PREINSTALL_DIRS. * include/rdbg/m68k/ Add PREINSTALL_DIRS. * include/rdbg/powerpc/ Add PREINSTALL_DIRS. * src/i386/ Add PREINSTALL_DIRS. * src/m68k/ Add PREINSTALL_DIRS. * src/powerpc/ Add PREINSTALL_DIRS.
2004-01-142004-01-14 Ralf Corsepius <>Ralf Corsepius4-0/+12
* include/rdbg/ Re-add dirstamps to PRE/TMPINSTALL_FILES. Add PRE/TMPINSTALL_FILES to CLEANFILES. * include/rdbg/i386/ Ditto. * include/rdbg/m68k/ Ditto. * include/rdbg/powerpc/ Ditto. * src/i386/ Ditto. * src/m68k/ Ditto. * src/powerpc/ Ditto.
2003-12-122003-12-12 Ralf Corsepius <>Ralf Corsepius4-8/+4
* include/rdbg/ Use mkdir_p. Remove dirs from PRE/TMPINSTALL_FILES. * include/rdbg/i386/ Use mkdir_p. Remove dirs from PRE/TMPINSTALL_FILES. * include/rdbg/m68k/ Use mkdir_p. Remove dirs from PRE/TMPINSTALL_FILES. * include/rdbg/powerpc/ Use mkdir_p. Remove dirs from PRE/TMPINSTALL_FILES. * src/i386/ Use mkdir_p. Remove dirs from PRE/TMPINSTALL_FILES. * src/m68k/ Use mkdir_p. Remove dirs from PRE/TMPINSTALL_FILES. * src/powerpc/ Use mkdir_p. Remove dirs from PRE/TMPINSTALL_FILES.
2003-12-012003-12-01 Ralf Corsepius <>Ralf Corsepius4-32/+59
* Reformat. Apply dirstamps to preinstallation. * include/ Ditto. * include/rdbg/ Ditto. * include/rdbg/i386/ Ditto. * include/rdbg/m68k/ Ditto. * include/rdbg/powerpc/ Ditto: * src/ Ditto. * src/i386/ Ditto. * src/i386/any/ Ditto. * src/m68k/ Ditto. * src/m68k/any/ Ditto. * src/powerpc/ Ditto. * src/powerpc/new_exception_processing/ Ditto.
2003-08-162003-08-16 Ralf Corsepius <>Ralf Corsepius4-5/+5 Reflect having moved automake. include/ Reflect having moved automake. include/rdbg/ Reflect having moved automake. include/rdbg/i386/ Reflect having moved automake. include/rdbg/m68k/ Reflect having moved automake. include/rdbg/powerpc/ Reflect having moved automake. src/ Reflect having moved automake. src/i386/ Reflect having moved automake. src/i386/any/ Reflect having moved automake. src/m68k/ Reflect having moved automake. src/m68k/any/ Reflect having moved automake. src/powerpc/ Reflect having moved automake. src/powerpc/new_exception_processing/ Reflect having moved automake.
2003-08-082003-08-08 Ralf Corsepius <>Ralf Corsepius1-0/+1
* include/rdbg/ Add DIST_SUBDIRS = $(RTEMS_CPU). * src/ Add DIST_SUBDIRS = $(RTEMS_CPU).
2003-07-252003-07-25 Ralf Corsepius <>Ralf Corsepius4-9/+6
* Remove (Merged into ../ *, include/, include/rdbg/, include/rdbg/i386/, include/rdbg/m68k/, include/rdbg/powerpc/, src/, src/i386/, src/i386/any/, src/m68k/, src/m68k/any/, src/powerpc/, src/powerpc/new_exception_processing/ Reflect having merged into ../
2002-03-282002-03-27 Ralf Corsepius <>Joel Sherrill4-4/+0
* AC_INIT(package,_RTEMS_VERSION,_RTEMS_BUGS). AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([no-define foreign 1.6]). * include/rdbg/i386/ Remove AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS. * include/rdbg/m68k/ Remove AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS. * include/rdbg/ Remove AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS. * include/rdbg/powerpc/ Remove AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS. * include/ Remove AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS. * Remove AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS. * src/i386/any/ Remove AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS. * src/i386/ Remove AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS. * src/m68k/any/ Remove AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS. * src/m68k/ Remove AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS. * src/ Remove AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS. * src/powerpc/ Remove AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS. * src/powerpc/new_exception_processing/ Remove AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS.
2002-02-01 * So many patches have been posted recently on the mailing list andJoel Sherrill4-1/+5
because we were unable to find correct solution to compile on various linux distros (due to rpcgen incompatibilities), and because the coding style of rdbg was rather inconsistant among various pieces of code, I decided to: 1) make some cleaning regarding global coding style (using indent + manual edits), 2) incorporate/review the paches send by various people (S. Holford, T. Strauman), 3) Fix the bug due to varying rpcgen code generation in remdeb_svc.c, 4) Remove some dead code, 5) Apply a patches enabling to call enterRdbg imediately after rdbg initialization is done, NB : the paches is huge but it is mainly due to coding styke chnages. Only few lines of codes have been really changed and they do not impact rdbg functionnality (AFAIKT). * include/rdbg/servrpc.h, include/rdbg/i386/rdbg_f.h, include/rdbg/m68k/rdbg_f.h, include/rdbg/powerpc/rdbg_f.h, src/_servtgt.c, src/awk.svc, src/excep.c, src/ptrace.c, src/rdbg.c, src/remdeb.x, src/servbkpt.c, src/servcon.c, src/servrpc.c, src/servtgt.c, src/servtsp.c, src/servutil.c, src/i386/excep_f.c, src/i386/rdbg_f.c, src/i386/any/, src/i386/any/remdeb.h, src/i386/any/remdeb_svc.c, src/i386/any/remdeb_xdr.c, src/m68k/excep_f.c, src/m68k/rdbg_f.c, src/m68k/any/, src/m68k/any/remdeb.h, src/m68k/any/remdeb_svc.c, src/m68k/any/remdeb_xdr.c, src/powerpc/excep_f.c, src/powerpc/rdbg_f.c, src/powerpc/new_exception_processing/, src/powerpc/new_exception_processing/remdeb.h, src/powerpc/new_exception_processing/remdeb_svc.c, src/powerpc/new_exception_processing/remdeb_xdr.c: Modified.
2001-09-272001-09-23 Ralf Corsepius <>Joel Sherrill4-4/+4
* include/rdbg/i386/ Use 'PREINSTALL_FILES ='. * include/rdbg/m68k/ Use 'PREINSTALL_FILES ='. * include/rdbg/powerpc/ Use 'PREINSTALL_FILES ='. * include/rdbg/ Use 'PREINSTALL_FILES ='. * src/i386/any/ Use 'PREINSTALL_FILES ='. * src/m68k/any/ Use 'PREINSTALL_FILES ='. * src/powerpc/new_exception_processing/ Use 'PREINSTALL_FILES ='.
2001-09-212001-09-14 Eric Norum <>Joel Sherrill1-2/+0
* include/rdbg/rdbg.h, src/ptrace.c: Modifications to make gcc 3.x happy.
2001-02-122001-02-04 Ralf Corsepius <>Joel Sherrill4-40/+15
* include/rdbg/, include/rdbg/i386/, include/rdbg/m68k/, include/rdbg/powerpc/ Cleanup including more proper style on include files.
2000-10-192000-10-19 Antti P Miettinen <>Joel Sherrill4-0/+84
* Add m68k support. * include/rdbg/m68k, src/m68k, src/m68k/any: New subdirectory. * src/_servtgt.c: add status text to prinf upon task creation failure. * src/rdbg.c: reconnect rdbg exception handlers upon RPC calls. * src/m68k/, src/m68k/any/, src/m68k/any/remdeb_f.x, src/m68k/any/.cvsignore, src/m68k/any/remdeb.h, src/m68k/any/remdeb_xdr.c, src/m68k/any/remdeb_svc.c, src/m68k/excep_f.c, src/m68k/rdbg_cpu_asm.S, src/m68k/rdbg_f.c, src/m68k/.cvsignore: New files.
2000-06-12Merged from 4.5.0-beta3aJoel Sherrill3-18/+9
2000-04-13Patch rtems-rc-4.5.0-13-cvs.diff from Ralf Corsepius <>.Joel Sherrill3-0/+6
adds .cvsignore.
1999-11-22Patch rtems-rc-19991117-4.diff from Ralf Corsepius <>:Joel Sherrill3-20/+20
.. a major configuration cleanup ... major enhancement of automake support. ... and it contains a *major* breakthough: Automake support for libchip and libmisc *LEAF* directories. To implement this I have used several nasty tricks * The basical trick is to wrap an old's contents into a and still continue to use (i.e include) the old *.cfg files. * Replaced each INSTALL_IF_CHANGE and INSTALL_VARIANT with make dependencies * Add a gnu-make ifdef AUTOMAKE to main.cfg to avoid conflicts between automake and RTEMS make rules * Replaced each install:: and preinstall:: rule with make dependencies * Replaced SUB_DIRS with SUBDIRS in all Makefile.ins (Automake convention) * Removed each manually added autoconf substitution which automake performs automatically. This is not yet full automake support, because using the temporary installation directory, preinstallation in general and building variants are in contradiction to automake's basic working principles ... ... the new Makefile.ams work still somewhat clumsy ... nevertheless they work (quite well). WARNING: At first glance this patch is small, but * it affects the whole configuration system. * it opens the road to introducing automake to all Makefile.ins currently not being under automake control. JOEL> Does this remove or add any files? Both, all Makefile.ins below libchip and libmisc get replaced with Makefile.ams.
1999-10-04Patch from Ralf Corsepius <> to make fix bugJoel Sherrill3-9/+9
where wrapup left pieces out of the librtemsall.a.
1999-10-04Removed generated from Makefile.amJoel Sherrill3-920/+0
1999-10-04Regenerated.Joel Sherrill3-15/+18
1999-09-09Applied patch rtems-rc-19990820-6.diff.gz fromJoel Sherrill3-0/+917
Ralf Corsepius <> which converted many's to's. This added a lot of files.
1999-09-07Applied patch rtems-rc-19990820-6.diff.gz fromJoel Sherrill3-0/+97
Ralf Corsepius <> which converted many's to's. This added a lot of files.
1999-08-10Patch from Eric Valette <> and Emmanuel RaguetJoel Sherrill6-31/+131
<>: - the dec21140 driver code has been hardened (various bug fixed) Emmanuel, - bug in the mcp750 init code have been fixed (interrupt stack/initial stack initialization), BSS correctly cleared (Eric V) - remote debugging over TCP/IP is nearly complete (berakpoints, backtrace, variables,...) (Eric V), - exception handling code has also been improved in order to fully support RDBG requirements (Eric V),
1998-12-03Patch from Emmanuel Raguet <> to add remote debug serverJoel Sherrill4-0/+406
and RPC support to RTEMS. Thanks. :) Email follows: Hello, For Xmas, here is the Remote Debugger on RTEMS ! Here are 2 patches for the Remote Debugger on RTEMS for pc386 from Linux host : - one for RTEMS it self, - one for GDB-4.17. 1/ RTEMS patch -------------- This patch adds 2 libraries : - a simplified SUN RPC library - the Remote Debugger library The configuration command is the following : ../rtems4/configure --target=i386-rtemself --enable-rtemsbsp=pc386 --enable-rdbg The SUN RPC library is built only if networking is set. The RDBG library is built if networking and enable-rdbg are set. The function used to initialize the debugger is : rtems_rdbg_initialize (); A special function has been created to force a task to be in a "debug" state : enterRdbg(). The use of this function is not mandatory. 2/ GDB-4.17 patch ----------------- This patch create a new RTEMS target for GDB-4.17. The configuration command is the following : ./configure --enable-shared --target=i386RTEMS To connect to a target, use : target rtems [your_site_address] Then, attach the target using : attach 1 And... Debug ;) You can obtain the original GDB-4.17 on This has been tested from a Debian 2.0.1 linux host.