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* Added .eh_frame, C++ constructor, and C++ destructor sections.Joel Sherrill1998-02-171-0/+18
* Incorporated Ralf Corsepius' idea for new -q flags to properly supportJoel Sherrill1998-02-111-2/+7
| | | | "gmake debug".
* Big patch form Ralf Corsepius described in this email:Joel Sherrill1998-01-308-32/+16
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Here is the result of my nightly work to get RTEMS_ROOT=$srcdir working with different shells and relative/absolute paths. What I did is relatively simple in principle: Instead of setting RTEMS_ROOT in and then let configure substitute @RTEMS_ROOT@ inside the Makefiles, I now let each Makefile set RTEMS_ROOT from each Makefile's @top_srcdir@ value. The difference is subtile, but with enormous side effects: - If RTEMS_ROOT is set in configure, then the same single value will be propagated to all Makefiles. This breaks using relative paths, as the relative path to the root of the source tree is used inside of all subdirectory Makefiles. - Now each sets RTEMS_ROOT = @top_srcdir@. top_srcdir is computed individually by configure for each single, hereby receiving the correct value, no matter if relative or absolute paths are used. To get this working, I needed to remove setting RTEMS_ROOT from, because this overrides the value of RTEMS_ROOT from each individual Makefile. Furthermore, I removed RTEMS_CUSTOM from the Makefiles and replaced all "include $(RTEMS_CUSTOM)" directives with"include $(RTEMS_ROOT)/make/custom/$(RTEMS_BSP)". Perhaps you don't like this, but I think, to have one variable less is clearer and easier to understand than having several variables refering to the next one. I enclose a small patch to this mail, which - fixes the config.h problem (to finally clearify misunderstands) - removes assignment/subsitution of RTEMS_ROOT from - contains a workaround for the application Makefile's RTEMS_ROOT problem (reported by Eric) - removes some unused lines from the toplevel - removes assignment of RTEMS_ROOT from make/
* Removed CONFIG_DIR and PROJECT_HOME directories.Joel Sherrill1998-01-208-8/+8
* Moved -qnolinkcmds option so arguments passed on the command line areJoel Sherrill1997-12-201-2/+2
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | interpreted at the right point per Eric Norum's discovery: The problem with the my previous `fix' for adding linker commands was with the ordering of the options to the linker. For example, to make a larger heap size, the application Makefile would CFLAGS_LD = -Wl,--defsym -Wl,HeapSize=0x40000 The command passed to the linker would be : m68k-rtems-ld .... -T xxx/linkcmds .... --defsym HeapSize=0x40000 ..... This doesn't work because the script in linkcmds inserts a default value for HeapSize if HeapSize is not defined by the time the linker looks at the linkcmds script. The solution seems to be to move the -T linkcmds%s in the bsp_specs file out of the link specfication and into the lib specification -- a little unorthodox, perhaps, but it seems to work!
* Modified bsp_specs per Eric Norum's suggestion to handle -qnolinkcmdsJoel Sherrill1997-12-191-1/+1
| | | | switch which lets the user specify a different linker script.
* Modified a lot of files to take a first cut at supporting building fromJoel Sherrill1997-12-108-8/+32
| | | | | any directory in the build tree. The only variable which must be set before the command "gmake" is invoked is RTEMS_BSP (e.g. RTEMS_BSP=erc32).
* Modified to search RTEMS library before Newlib C library.Joel Sherrill1997-10-081-1/+1
* Fixed typo in the pointer to the license terms.Joel Sherrill1997-10-0813-26/+26
* Removed include directory at "build" point and the link of this directoryJoel Sherrill1997-10-081-2/+2
| | | | | | to lib/include. Went to using a PROJECT_INCLUDE variable.
* eliminated potential for overfilling buffer on readJoel Sherrill1997-09-151-1/+0
* Switched to new style which does not require hackspecs.awk.Joel Sherrill1997-08-281-29/+13
* moved header files into the motorola and zilog subdirectoriesJoel Sherrill1997-08-044-4/+4
* headers updated to reflect new style copyright notice as partJoel Sherrill1997-04-2213-65/+65
| | | | of switching to the modified GNU GPL.
* Changed format of comment blocks to C comments.Joel Sherrill1997-04-181-20/+20
* Fixed path which points to shared directory for all BSPs.Joel Sherrill1997-04-161-1/+1
* Switched all bsps which had an implementation of sbrk.c which onlyJoel Sherrill1997-04-151-1/+1
| | | | returned an error to using a single shared copy of this file.
* Removed many BSPs' copy of setvec.c and let them share the sameJoel Sherrill1997-04-151-1/+1
| | | | implementation as all m68k BSPs.
* This set of changes is the build of what was required to convert toJoel Sherrill1997-04-018-0/+368
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | GNU autoconf. This is the first large step in allowing an RTEMS user to perform a one-tree build (per crossgcc FAQ) including RTEMS in the build process. With this change RTEMS is configured in built in the same style as the GNU tools, yet retains the basic structure of its traditional Makefiles (ala Tony Bennett). Jiri Gaisler ( deserves (and received) a big thank you for doing this. There are still issues to be resolved but as of this commit, all target which can be built on a linux host have been using a modified version of the source Jiri submitted. This source was merged and most targets built in the tree before this commit. There are some issues which remain to be resolved but they are primarily related to host OS dependencies, script issues, the use of gawk for hack_specs, and the dependence on gcc snapshots. These will be resolved.
* All RTEMS system call implementation renamed to be __rtems_*.Joel Sherrill1997-01-291-4/+4
* new file used by gcc 2.8.x -specs optionJoel Sherrill1997-01-281-0/+34
* updated for 3.5.17Joel Sherrill1996-07-021-172/+172
* added initial posix configuration supportJoel Sherrill1996-05-281-1/+1
* Dispersal of internal thread handler resulted in the SYSI task beingJoel Sherrill1996-02-211-1/+1
| | | | | | only required in a multiprocessor system. It was replace by the MPCI Receive Server. As a result, the CPU Table field for extra stack for the SYSI task was changed to be extra stack for the MPCI Receive Server.
* updatedJoel Sherrill1996-01-191-26/+26
* file lost in crash and re-addedJoel Sherrill1995-12-191-0/+191
* SPARC port passes all testsJoel Sherrill1995-10-302-17/+12
* SPARC merged and successfully tested w/o interrupt supportJoel Sherrill1995-10-062-2/+0
* Minor bug fixes to get all targets compilable and running. TheJoel Sherrill1995-09-192-9/+33
| | | | | | single biggest changes were the expansion of the workspace size macro to include other types of objects and the increase in the minimum stack size for most CPUs.
* The word "RTEMS" almost completely removed from the core.Joel Sherrill1995-09-114-67/+279
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Configuration Table Template file added and all tests modified to use this. All gvar.h and conftbl.h files removed from test directories. Configuration parameter maximum_devices added. Core semaphore and mutex handlers added and RTEMS API Semaphore Manager updated to reflect this. Initialization sequence changed to invoke API specific initialization routines. Initialization tasks table now owned by RTEMS Tasks Manager. Added user extension for post-switch. Utilized user extensions to implement API specific functionality like signal dispatching. Added extensions to the System Initialization Thread so that an API can register a function to be invoked while the system is being initialized. These are largely equivalent to the pre-driver and post-driver hooks. Added the Modules file oar-go32_p5, modified oar-go32, and modified the file make/custom/go32.cfg to look at an environment varable which determines what CPU model is being used. All BSPs updated to reflect named devices and clock driver's IOCTL used by the Shared Memory Driver. Also merged clock isr into main file and removed ckisr.c where possible. Updated spsize to reflect new and moved variables. Makefiles for the executive source and include files updated to show break down of files into Core, RTEMS API, and Neither. Header and inline files installed into subdirectory based on whether logically in the Core or a part of the RTEMS API.
* cpu/*types.h added and successfully compiled.Joel Sherrill1995-05-302-6/+6
| | | | IDLE task priority changed from 0 to 255 during initialization.
* Initial revisionJoel Sherrill1995-05-1113-0/+1147