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2021-09-21build: Remove old build systemSebastian Huber45-3300/+0
Close #3250. Close #4081. Remove legacy networking filesVijay Kumar Banerjee8-40/+0
2021-03-30bsps/xilinx_zynq: Add Xilinx AXI SPI driver to autotools buildJan Sommer2-0/+2
Closes #4321
2021-03-10bsps/xilinx_zynq: Add SPI driver to autotools buildJan Sommer2-0/+6
Closes #4320
2021-03-02bsps/beagle: Adding QEP driver support to BeagleBoneBlack BSPJames Fitzsimons1-0/+6
2021-02-26bsps: Add default rtems_get_target_hash()Sebastian Huber21-0/+21
Update #4267.
2020-12-23bsps: Use header file for GIC architecture supportSebastian Huber6-6/+0
This avoids a function call overhead in the interrupt dispatching. Update #4202.
2020-12-11bsp/xilinx_zynq: Enable support for 4kiB MMU pagesJan Sommer1-0/+4
- Disabled by default - Enable using ARM_MMU_USE_SMALL_PAGES option Close 4192.
2020-12-02bsps: Move ARM GICv2 driver to bsps/sharedKinsey Moore6-6/+12
This moves the ARM GICv2 driver to bsps/shared to be usable by AArch64 code.
2020-12-02bsps: Move zynq-uart to bsps/sharedKinsey Moore2-4/+4
This moves the zynq-uart driver from bsps/arm/shared to bsps/shared to accomodate use by AArch64 BSPs.
2020-11-20bsps/imx: Move imx-gpio to arm/sharedChristian Mauderer1-1/+1
Update #4180
2020-11-20imx: Move imx_iomux to arm/sharedChristian Mauderer1-1/+1
Update #4180
2020-10-05bsps: Break out AArch32 portions of GPT driverKinsey Moore3-3/+6
This breaks AArch32-specific portions of the ARM GPT driver into their own file so that the generic code can be moved for reuse by other architectures.
2020-10-05Move ARM PL011 UART driverKinsey Moore3-3/+3
This UART driver is now needed for BSPs other than ARM.
2020-07-31bsp/imx: Add a GPIO driverChristian Mauderer1-0/+3
Update 3869
2020-04-15bsp/imx: Add an extra ecspi clock.Christian Mauderer1-0/+3
Some imx chips or boards don't use the same frequency for ECSPI and IPG. Update #3869
2020-03-19gdbarmsim: RemoveJoel Sherrill3-80/+0
Closes #3611.
2020-02-12arm/xilinx-zynq: Split console driver filesSebastian Huber2-0/+3
This avoids to pull in via printk() the Termios support which pulls in the file system support. This fixes a spconfig02 test failure.
2020-01-07bsp/raspberrypi: Updated the console API.G S Niteesh1-4/+2
Replaces the legacy termios API with new termios API (#3034) Replaces the custom PL011 serial driver with RTEMS arm-pl011. Update #3034
2020-01-07bsp/raspberrypi: Enable FDT support.G S Niteesh2-0/+13
This commit adds FDT support to the BSP.
2020-01-07bsp/raspberrypi: Fix size of work area.Christian Mauderer1-4/+0
The BSP tried to get the size of the SDRAM based on the revision code. Unfortunately the code had some bugs so that the default size has been used. Beneath that the MMU table hasn't been adapted. This patch queries the SDRAM size via a special VC Mailbox call instead. For the MMU adaption a simmilar method to the one in the imx BSP is used.
2019-12-05bsp/xen: Use BSP options for all linkcmds varsSebastian Huber1-9/+14
Update #3818.
2019-12-05bsp/xen: Create BSPJeff Kubascik3-0/+109
Create the Xen BSP for Xen on ARM.
2019-11-19bsp/imx7: Rename linker command fileSebastian Huber1-1/+1
This BSP family uses only one linker command file. Use the standard name. Update #3818.
2019-11-19bsp/altcycv_devkit: Rename linker command fileSebastian Huber1-1/+1
This BSP family uses only one linker command file. Use the standard name. Update #3818.
2019-11-15bsp/lpc32xx: Remove unused TESTS_USE_PRINTKSebastian Huber1-3/+0
Update #3818.
2019-11-15Remove BSP_SMALL_MEMORY BSP optionSebastian Huber1-4/+0
Use the test state configuration instead. Update #3818.
2019-11-14bsp/beagle: Rename linker command fileSebastian Huber1-1/+0
This BSP family uses only one linker command file. Use the standard name. Update #3818.
2019-11-14bsp/gumstix: Remove ON_SKYEYE Automake conditionalSebastian Huber1-2/+0
It is fine to build the drivers always. Update #3818.
2019-11-14arm/stm32f4: Fix typoSebastian Huber1-1/+1
2019-10-31bsps/arm: Add support for small pages MMUSebastian Huber1-0/+2
The small page MMU support reduces the granularity for memory settings through the MMU from 1MiB sections to 4KiB small pages. Enable it by default on the realview_pbx_a9_qemu BSP.
2019-10-28bsp/xilinx-zynqmp: Fix linkcmds configSebastian Huber1-1/+1
Bug was introduced by commit 1e1afa3779e594e09387fba1812d3028fb00cd9e.
2019-10-23bsp/xilinx-zynq: Simplify linkcmds configSebastian Huber1-26/+3
Use NULL-pointer protection also for Qemu variant. Do all calculations in the linker command file. This is a preparation for the new build system.
2019-10-23bsp/xilinx-zynq: Simplify configure.acSebastian Huber1-24/+10
2019-10-23bsp/xilinx-zynqmp: Simplify linkcmds configSebastian Huber1-6/+0
Do all calculations in the linker command file. This is a preparation for the new build system.
2019-10-23bsp/xilinx-zynqmp: Simplify configure.acSebastian Huber1-21/+9
Use NULL-pointer protection also for Qemu variant.
2019-08-12arm/raspberry: Set the workspace based on the mailbox version.Chris Johns1-4/+16
- Update the linkcmd file to support configure settings - Set the workspace size based on the revision value
2019-07-31arm/beagle: Add libdebugger support.Chris Johns1-0/+1
- Port the jbang code from C++ to C to enable DBGEN. - Hook the libdebugger ARM backend support to return the base address of the debug register set.
2019-07-26bsps/arm: Move HYP to SVC change to start.SSebastian Huber1-3/+0
This fixes the corruption of r3 by the call to bsp_start_arm_drop_hyp_mode(). Moving the code makes it easier to review changes in start.S. Close #3773.
2019-07-26bsps/arm: Move register init to start.SSebastian Huber1-1/+0
This makes it easier to review changes in start.S. Update #3773.
2019-06-18atsam: Add ATSAM_POWER_WAIT_MODESebastian Huber1-0/+1
2019-05-08bsp/lpc24xx: Remove obsolete BSP optinonsSebastian Huber1-9/+0
Update #3725.
2019-04-12bsp/imx: CLOCK_DRIVER_USE_ONLY_BOOT_PROCESSORSebastian Huber1-5/+0
Remove this BSP option.
2019-04-11bsp/xilinx-zynqmp: Implement Ultra96 targetJeff Kubascik3-98/+66
Modifications to get xilinx-zynqmp BSP working on an Ultra96 board. Update #3682.
2019-04-11bsp/xilinx-zynqmp: Stub out Xilinx MPSoC BSPJeff Kubascik2-0/+228
Source files were copied from xilinx-zynq. Update #3682.
2019-04-11bsp/zynq-uart: Move Zynq UART driver to shared directoryJeff Kubascik1-1/+1
This driver will be shared with the xilinx-zynqmp BSP. Update #3682.
2019-03-15bsp/lpc24xx: Convert I2C driver to Linux APISebastian Huber1-1/+0
Change license to BSD-2-Clause. Close #3725.
2019-02-27bsp/altera-cyclone-v: Move header fileSebastian Huber1-2/+0
This gets rid of a special include path.
2019-02-27arm/beagle: SPI driverPierre-Louis Garnier1-0/+3
2019-02-18bsp/altera-cyclone-v: Use FDT for clock frequencySebastian Huber1-3/+2