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* build: Remove old build systemSebastian Huber2021-09-211-13/+0
* bsps/irq: Add rtems_interrupt_entry_install()Sebastian Huber2021-07-261-0/+3
* bsps/irq: Add rtems_interrupt_raise()Sebastian Huber2021-07-261-0/+1
* rtems: Add rtems_interrupt_vector_enable()Sebastian Huber2021-07-261-0/+1
* bsps/irq: Move handler iterate to separate fileSebastian Huber2021-07-261-0/+1
* bsps/irq: Move get/set affinity to separate fileSebastian Huber2021-07-261-0/+1
* bsps: Fix the generic IRQ supportSebastian Huber2018-08-031-0/+1
* bsps: Move generic IRQ support to bspsSebastian Huber2018-04-091-0/+5