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* bsps/arm/imxrt: Change license to BSD-2Joel Sherrill2022-07-081-3/+22
* bsps/arm/: Scripted embedded brains header file clean upJoel Sherrill2022-03-101-6/+0
* bsps/imxrt: Fix undefined symbolChristian Mauderer2021-07-081-1/+1
* bsps/imxrt: Simplify linkcmds and make it flexibleChristian Mauderer2021-07-025-45/+45
* bsps/imxrt: Allow different ARM PLL settingChristian Mauderer2021-07-021-0/+33
* bsps/imxrt: Enable DMA clockChristian Mauderer2021-05-171-0/+3
* bsps/imxrt: Fix OCRAM, ITCM and DTCM sizesChristian Mauderer2021-05-172-0/+29
* bsps/shared: Adapt fsl-edma driver for imxrtChristian Mauderer2021-01-211-0/+3
* bsp/imxrt: Add new BSPChristian Mauderer2020-11-2010-35/+550
* bsp/imxrt: Import files from MCUXpresso SDK V2.8.5Christian Mauderer2020-11-201-0/+315