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2022-02-21bsp/imxrt: Enforce alignment for devicetreeChristian Mauderer1-1/+1
A device tree binary has to be 8 byte aligned in memory. This is checked since RTEMS commit 34052ef78cf8724dee73e9279b2c6bff8cfed234 "libfdt: Add FDT alignment check to fdt_check_header()".
2021-07-02bsps/imxrt: Simplify linkcmds and make it flexibleChristian Mauderer1-19/+15
Calling the memory FLASH and EXTRAM instead of FLEXSPI and SDRAM makes it simpler to support other types of external RAM. This patch also removes some of the calculations and improves names and documentation to avoid pitfalls. It removes a unnecessary memory definition. Update #4180
2021-06-24bsps/irq: Remove BSP_INTERRUPT_VECTOR_MAXSebastian Huber1-1/+0
This define is no longer used. Update #3269.
2021-06-24bsps/irq: Add BSP_INTERRUPT_VECTOR_COUNTSebastian Huber1-0/+1
Assert BSP_INTERRUPT_VECTOR_MAX + 1 == BSP_INTERRUPT_VECTOR_COUNT. After building all BSPs with this patch, BSP_INTERRUPT_VECTOR_MAX can be removed and replaced by BSP_INTERRUPT_VECTOR_COUNT. The BSP_INTERRUPT_VECTOR_COUNT allows a default implementation which supports no interrupt vector at all. Using COUNT instead of MAX may avoid some interpretation issues, for example is the maximum value a valid vector number or not. Update #3269.
2021-06-24bsps/irq: Remove BSP_INTERRUPT_VECTOR_MINSebastian Huber1-1/+0
Remove BSP_INTERRUPT_VECTOR_MIN and unconditionally let interrupt vector numbers start with zero. The BSP_INTERRUPT_VECTOR_MIN == 0 invariant was tested by the previous commit and building all BSPs. Update #3269.
2021-05-17bsps/imxrt: Fix OCRAM, ITCM and DTCM sizesChristian Mauderer1-0/+4
The sizes are configurable via fuses or per software via some registers. At the moment the registers are not changed. Changing the registers destroys data stored in the RAM areas (like application code or data). So either the fuses or some bootloader should be used to set them before the application starts. This also adds an OCRAM only linker command file. Update #4180
2021-05-17bsps/imxrt: Add addresses and interrupts to dtsChristian Mauderer1-75/+469
Add addresses and interrupts for most internal peripherals to the dts. The additional aliases make it possible for an application to easily access these informations. Update #4180
2021-05-17bsps/imxrt: Fix documentation errorChristian Mauderer1-1/+1
Update #4180
2021-03-21bsps/arm/imxrt: Add FDT and FDT helper for QTMRChristian Mauderer2-0/+58
Makes it simpler to access the QTMR in an application via a FDT name or link in an application specific FDT entry.
2021-01-21bsps/imxrt: Add ioctl to LPSPI to get registersChristian Mauderer1-0/+54
This allows an application to get the registers of the LPSPI. That is usefull for applications that want to use DMA for a very specialized and highly optimized communication. Update #4180
2021-01-21bsps/imxrt: Add DMA numbers to dtsiChristian Mauderer1-0/+45
Also currently no driver uses these numbers, it is usefull for applications that want to use the DMA. Update #4180
2021-01-21bsps/imxrt: Use standard names to avoid warningsChristian Mauderer1-8/+8
If spi or i2c slaves are "connected" to the spi or i2c bus, the device tree compiler complains if the busses are not named spi or i2c. Update #4180
2020-12-14bsps/imxrt: Split up dts.Christian Mauderer1-0/+309
This allows simpler creation of own dts files for custom boards. Update #4180
2020-11-20bsp/imxrt: Add new BSPChristian Mauderer8-0/+1586
Update #4180
2020-11-20bsp/imxrt: Adapt imported filesChristian Mauderer5-26/+45
Update #4180
2020-11-20bsp/imxrt: Fix warnings for imported filesChristian Mauderer2-0/+297
Update #4180
2020-11-20bsp/imxrt: Import files from MCUXpresso SDK V2.8.5Christian Mauderer75-0/+85704
The following files have been imported: cp ${SDK}/boards/evkbimxrt1050/project_template/clock_config.c nxp/boards/evkbimxrt1050 cp ${SDK}/boards/evkbimxrt1050/project_template/clock_config.h include/fsl_clock_config.h cp ${SDK}/boards/evkbimxrt1050/project_template/dcd.c start/flash-dcd.c cp ${SDK}/boards/evkbimxrt1050/project_template/pin_mux.c nxp/boards/evkbimxrt1050 cp ${SDK}/boards/evkbimxrt1050/project_template/pin_mux.h include/fsl_pin_mux.h cp ${SDK}/boards/evkbimxrt1050/xip/evkbimxrt1050_flexspi_nor_config.h include/fsl_flexspi_nor_config.h cp ${SDK}/devices/MIMXRT1052/MIMXRT1052.h include cp ${SDK}/devices/MIMXRT1052/MIMXRT1052_features.h include cp ${SDK}/devices/MIMXRT1052/drivers/fsl_*.c nxp/devices/MIMXRT1052/drivers cp ${SDK}/devices/MIMXRT1052/drivers/fsl_*.h include cp ${SDK}/devices/MIMXRT1052/fsl_device_registers.h include cp ${SDK}/devices/MIMXRT1052/system_MIMXRT1052.h include/ cp ${SDK}/devices/MIMXRT1052/xip/fsl_flexspi_nor_boot.c nxp/devices/MIMXRT1052/xip/fsl_flexspi_nor_boot.c cp ${SDK}/devices/MIMXRT1052/xip/fsl_flexspi_nor_boot.h include Update #4180