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* Update company nameSebastian Huber2023-05-201-1/+1
* bsp/imxrt: Enforce alignment for devicetreeChristian Mauderer2022-02-212-2/+2
* bsps/imxrt: Add addresses and interrupts to dtsChristian Mauderer2021-05-171-446/+1182
* bsps/imxrt: Reduce devicetree sizeChristian Mauderer2021-05-172-765/+472
* bsps/arm/imxrt: Add FDT and FDT helper for QTMRChristian Mauderer2021-03-211-139/+195
* bsps/imxrt: Add DMA numbers to dtsiChristian Mauderer2021-01-211-478/+559
* bsps/imxrt: Use standard names to avoid warningsChristian Mauderer2021-01-211-98/+95
* bsps/imxrt: Split up dts.Christian Mauderer2020-12-141-290/+2
* bsp/imxrt: Add new BSPChristian Mauderer2020-11-202-0/+1210