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* aarch64: always boot into EL1NSGedare Bloom2022-01-121-19/+27
* bsps/aarch64: refactor register init and hooksGedare Bloom2022-01-121-40/+41
* bsps/aarch64: Support .noinit linker sectionSebastian Huber2021-12-131-0/+7
* bsps/aarch64: Remove erroneous cache featureKinsey Moore2021-12-121-2/+0
* bsps/aarch64: Mask debug events from startupKinsey Moore2021-11-011-2/+2
* aarch64: Break out MMU definitionsKinsey Moore2021-11-012-0/+118
* cpukit: Add AArch64 SMP SupportKinsey Moore2021-09-212-6/+91
* aarch64: whitespace fixes in start.SGedare Bloom2021-06-241-166/+166
* bsps/aarch64: replace boot options with asm switch codeGedare Bloom2021-06-241-7/+8
* bsps/aarch64: add non-secure mode and versal supportGedare Bloom2021-06-241-2/+16
* bsps/aarch64: add physical secure timerGedare Bloom2021-06-241-0/+8
* aarch64: add support to drop EL3 to EL2Kinsey Moore2021-06-241-1/+26
* bsps/aarch64: Advertise cache function supportKinsey Moore2021-05-271-0/+10
* bsps/aarch64: Align MVAs consistentlyKinsey Moore2021-05-271-8/+5
* bsps/aarch64: Break out system registersKinsey Moore2021-05-271-180/+33
* bsps/aarch64: Add support for EL2 startKinsey Moore2021-03-051-0/+25
* bsps/aarch64: RTEMS_DEBUG stack alignment faultsKinsey Moore2021-03-051-0/+8
* bsps/aarch64: Resolve usage of SUBALIGN()Kinsey Moore2021-03-051-4/+2
* bsps: Add missing DWARF 5 sectionsSebastian Huber2021-01-261-3/+5
* bsps: Support DWARF 5 sectionsSebastian Huber2021-01-251-8/+13
* bsps: Use header file for GIC architecture supportSebastian Huber2020-12-231-58/+0
* bsps: Fix includesSebastian Huber2020-12-221-1/+0
* bsps: Remove gicvx_interrupt_dispatch()Sebastian Huber2020-12-161-5/+0
* bsps: Move ARM GICv2 driver to bsps/sharedKinsey Moore2020-12-021-1/+1
* spec/aarch64: Only apply SUBALIGN(4) to ILP32Kinsey Moore2020-11-231-2/+4
* bsps: Add Cortex-A53 ILP32 BSP variantKinsey Moore2020-10-051-0/+16
* bsps: Add Cortex-A53 LP64 basic BSPKinsey Moore2020-10-055-0/+1432