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+2004-05-21 Joel Sherrill <>
+ PR 627/doc
+ * user/task.t: Behavior documented for an rtems_task_create with
+ stacksize < minimum was not the implemented behavior.
2004-05-06 Joel Sherrill <>
PR 618/rtems
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@@ -714,7 +714,6 @@ procedure Task_Create (
@code{@value{RPREFIX}SUCCESSFUL} - task created successfully@*
@code{@value{RPREFIX}INVALID_ADDRESS} - @code{id} is NULL@*
@code{@value{RPREFIX}INVALID_NAME} - invalid task name@*
-@code{@value{RPREFIX}INVALID_SIZE} - stack too small@*
@code{@value{RPREFIX}INVALID_PRIORITY} - invalid task priority@*
@code{@value{RPREFIX}MP_NOT_CONFIGURED} - multiprocessing not configured@*
@code{@value{RPREFIX}TOO_MANY} - too many tasks created@*
@@ -743,9 +742,10 @@ This directive will not cause the calling task to be preempted.
Valid task priorities range from a high of 1 to a low of 255.
-The requested stack size should be at least
-bytes. The value of @code{@value{RPREFIX}MINIMUM_STACK_SIZE}
+If the requested stack size is less than
+@code{@value{RPREFIX}MINIMUM_STACK_SIZE} bytes, then RTEMS
+will use @code{@value{RPREFIX}MINIMUM_STACK_SIZE} as the
+stack size. The value of @code{@value{RPREFIX}MINIMUM_STACK_SIZE}
is processor dependent.
Application developers should consider the stack usage of the
device drivers when calculating the stack size required for