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diff --git a/doc/user/conf.t b/doc/user/conf.t
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--- a/doc/user/conf.t
+++ b/doc/user/conf.t
@@ -576,7 +576,6 @@ typedef struct @{
rtems_task_restart_extension thread_restart;
rtems_task_delete_extension thread_delete;
rtems_task_switch_extension thread_switch;
- rtems_task_post_switch_extension thread_post_switch;
rtems_task_begin_extension thread_begin;
rtems_task_exitted_extension thread_exitted;
rtems_fatal_extension fatal;
@@ -642,12 +641,6 @@ task's context and before restoring the heir task's context, it
is not necessary for this routine to save and restore any
-@item thread_post_switch
-is the address of the
-user-supplied subroutine for the post task context switch
-extension. This subroutine is called from RTEMS dispatcher in
-the context of the task which has just been swapped in.
@item thread_begin
is the address of the user-supplied
subroutine which is invoked immediately before a task begins