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-Welcome to the hyperlinked source code tree for FreeBSD-2.1.0. This is an
-attempt at a WWW document that allows you to find functions, structs
-etc. in the FreeBSD source code by name.<p>
-If you are interested in a particular type of symbols (e.g functions), use
-the type links below. If you are interested in a particular directory in
-FreeBSD, choose the directory link below.<p>
-Follow the links until you reach the source code you are interested in.<p>
-<h3>Bugs and Missing Features</h3>
-I am using ctags and perl to find the symbols and produce the html documents.
-My parsing of the ctags output (especially for variables) seems slightly
-wrong. I'd appreciate a better way of doing things.<p>
-The final code should have hyperlinks that allow you to follow references
-to other symbols in the tree (e.g calls to bread() etc). This is difficult
-given C's scoping rules, and I don't want to write a C grammar parser.
-Until I can think of a clean way, I'll omit the desired hyperlinks.<p>
-<a href="">Warren Toomey</a>, January 1996