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-@c COPYRIGHT (c) 1988-2002.
-@c On-Line Applications Research Corporation (OAR).
-@c All rights reserved.
-@c $Id$
-@chapter Board Support Packages
-@section Introduction
-An RTEMS Board Support Package (BSP) must be designed
-to support a particular processor and target board combination.
-This chapter presents a discussion of i960CA specific BSP
-issues. For more information on developing a BSP, refer to the
-chapter titled Board Support Packages in the RTEMS
-Applications User's Guide.
-@section System Reset
-An RTEMS based application is initiated when the
-i960CA processor is reset. When the i960CA is reset, the
-processor reads an Initial Memory Image (IMI) to establish its
-state. The IMI consists of the Initialization Boot Record (IBR)
-and the Process Control Block (PRCB) from an Initial Memory
-Image (IMI) at location 0xFFFFFF00. The IBR contains the
-initial bus configuration data, the address of the first
-instruction to execute after reset, the address of the PRCB, and
-the checksum used by the processor's self-test.
-@section Processor Initialization
-The PRCB contains the base addresses for system data
-structures, and initial configuration information for the core
-and integrated peripherals. In particular, the PRCB contains
-the initial contents of the Arithmetic Control (AC) Register as
-well as the base addresses of the Interrupt Vector Table, System
-Procedure Entry Table, Fault Entry Table, and the Control Table.
-In addition, the PRCB is used to configure the depth of the
-instruction and register caches and the actions when certain
-types of faults are encountered.
-The Process Controls (PC) Register is initialized to
-0xC01F2002 which sets the i960CA's interrupt level to 0x1F (31
-decimal). In addition, the Interrupt Mask (IMSK) Register
-(alternately referred to as Special Function Register 1 or sf1)
-is set to 0x00000000 to mask all external and DMA interrupt
-sources. Thus, all interrupts are disabled when the first
-instruction is executed.
-For more information regarding the i960CA's data
-structures and their contents, refer to Intel's i960CA User's